Youmna Khoury on starting her own brand of coffee

Youmna Khoury on starting her own brand of coffee

Anyone who follows Youmna Khoury on Instagram knows how much she loves coffee. Therefore, it was no surprise when she collaborated with Emirati Coffee to create her own perfect coffee blend. This blend is designed to create a rich shot of espresso and a milk-based coffee with a silky texture.

Youmna talks about her coffee blend just like she talks about fashion, which shows how much she loves both of her businesses. The packaging of the coffee is of superior quality. Coffee beans are also some of the best ever. The moment you open the elite packaging, the potent aroma of coffee will draw you in and you will definitely want more. With Youmi Coffee, you can now taste the frozen latte that you have never tasted before. Making coffee has never been so fun.

According to Youmna, Youmi coffee is something you can have anywhere and anytime. In addition, its taste soothes the palate of a wide range of people. Whether you like black coffee, lattes, mokas or cappuccinos, Youmi Coffee has you covered. If you try this cafe once, you will surely come back for more. As soon as you taste it you will realize that this coffee has a perfect aftertaste with delicious caramelized sweetness and hints of dark chocolate. It’s a full-bodied coffee, great for making a great espresso or a mild, filtered Americano drink! Thus, Youmi coffee is the perfect choice for caffeine lovers all over the world!

According to Youmna, this coffee has an almond nut aftertaste and delicate acidity along with notes of strawberry cotton candy, dark chocolate, wild fig and pepper maple syrup. Coffee is delivered internationally. So you can enjoy its heavenly taste in any season and no matter where you are in the world.


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