You must try this iced coffee recipe from TikToker


I am one of those who believe in the power of iced coffee. My day should always start with a cold glass of caffeine with a hint of oat milk and a hint of vanilla. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a bad day.

Iced coffee hits the sweet spot: it gives a caffeine jerk, its sweet and sour taste is so addicting, and it’s refreshing AF. There is no way I will stop drinking it. I even make myself a glass of iced coffee at 5 p.m. I already have a must-have recipe, but I’m open to trying other versions.

I think the Universe heard me because I ran into Catherine chenthe recipe for iced coffee from on TikTok! It was simple: brewed coffee, milk, ice cubes and a stick of Magnum vanilla ice cream. Easy, right?

(Tip: You can also do this using instant coffee. Just mix it with hot water to dissolve it before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.)

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Check out the super easy TikTok iced coffee recipe below:

@ cathrena.chen

Hello ???? #Coffee #cafeaddict #coffee recipe #homecafe #FoodieTokPh #tiktokeatsph #foryoupage #fyp #fyp?

? original sound – Alec Townsend

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