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Scooter cafe

Pitches: 300+

Annual compensation: 10% +

Minimum Liquid Capital: $ 100,000

Minimum net worth: $ 500,000

Scooter’s Coffee is a testimonial the idea that Americans’ obsession with coffee is resisting the recession: The franchise grew during the Great Recession and posted positive year-over-year sales in 2020.

But serving such a popular drink is only part of what makes the brand successful, says Tim Arpin, vice president of franchise recruitment at Scooter’s Coffee. He credits a strong management team who have spent years investing in an infrastructure that helps produce a quality product as quickly as possible for loyal customers.

“The pandemic has really helped refine our focus on our core competency,” said Arpin, “namely that we are made up of ‘amazing people, serving amazing drinks incredibly quickly.’

With an average wait time of around 40 seconds, Scooter’s laser-focused focus on the drive-thru model of the cafe that has positioned it for a new phase of growth. With more than 300 units at the start of 2021, the brand is targeting 1,000 locations by 2024 and wants to be the second largest coffeehouse chain in the United States.

“Before I joined Scooter’s, one of the reasons I was so impressed with the brand was that they had already done the hard part, which is to say they had the resources before the curve”, Arpin said. “You see some brands trying to grow at a rate that they probably can’t sustain. It’s the opposite at Scooter’s, where we have the resources to develop responsibly.

Scooter’s offers each franchisee a designated property manager who helps them find a site and secure it. The franchisee then works with a construction manager who helps create the building from scratch to make sure it is as successful as possible. A training team is sent to each site to ensure a smooth opening, and this is only the beginning of the support that franchisees benefit from.

“Every aspect of the business enjoys strong support,” says Arpin. “This includes the vertical integration of the food supply, where we roast our own beans, cook our own products, and it allows us to keep the price of the products we serve in line with what will be profitable for the franchisees.”

In order to grow, Scooter’s Coffee is looking for franchisees with a customer service mindset. Arpin says successful franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but what they have in common is the courage to take on challenges, as well as a clear understanding and identification with Scooter’s Coffee core values: integrity, love, humility and courage.

“We put a lot of emphasis on teaching our core values ​​during the discovery process,” says Arpin. “He’s a really muscular role model and we know he’s successful, but we’re looking for people who have the courage to go through years like the very difficult one we just went through and who have the humility to know that mistakes can happen along the way, but we learn from them and move on.

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