We tested 7 coffee makers, including Cold Brew

What is the best coffee machine? Well, as in the eternal debate between Team Dark Roast and Team Light Roast, it’s all in the eye of the owner. For all the purists to pour out, there are those whose pulse beats only for the “drip” of an old-fashioned automatic machine, while others see no shame in getting you stuck for five. hours at a party extolling the virtues of their “Cadillac espresso”. machines ”, handcrafted from Europe by barista monks, creators of café au lait, with a corresponding price. In a world obsessed with coffee, the options are endless and the stakes, given the primacy of caffeine in our daily functioning, could not be higher.

That’s why we made the macchiatos, ground the beans and replaced the filters on your behalf, in search of the best coffee machine for every type of coffee drinker. Unless you are still drinking instantly? Go sit with the decaffeinated over there, please. We’ll take care of you later.

IndigoBodum Chambord French Press, $ 65, indigo.ca

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Best French Press:

Bodum Chambord French Press

Cost: $ 65
Review of capsules: Classic design that needs no improvement
Best features: As classic as croissants and Breton stripes, this (actually Danish) press has been a favorite coffee maker since the 1970s. The Eames chair of coffee brewing methods, there’s no need to improve on this iconic design, though let the copper accents of this particular edition be particularly chic. The stainless steel plunger and heat-resistant glass carafe are of a “tasteless” design, which means you will only taste the specific richness of the coffee extracted by the plunger. Without the filter involved, it’s also zero waste.

KeurigKeurig K-Mini Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker, $ 69, bedbathandbeyond.ca

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Best Individual Coffee Machine:

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Cost: $ 69
Review of capsules: You don’t have to sacrifice your independent cafe for convenience
Best features: How do you improve on a coffee method that is literally the push of a button? Pack that convenience in a space-saving and adorable exterior that would adorn any counter without cluttering it up. (Seriously: this thing is less than five inches wide, smaller than an iPhone 12.) Ready in under two minutes, every serving of this coffee is consistent in taste, temperature, and size – very welcome. mornings you don’t have. the desire to fiddle with grinders or measuring spoons. It’s versatile too: you can choose from the wide range of Keurig brand coffee, tea and cocoa pods, or use the Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter to brew your favorite independent roaster coffee.

Breville Breville Precision Brewer 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, $ 297, amazon.ca

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Best filter coffee machine:

Breville Precision Brewer 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

Cost: $ 300
Review of capsules: A drip machine that even craft coffee nerds will be behind
Best features: The only automatic part of this coffee machine is what happens once you press the “brew” button. Until then, everything like brew temperature, flowering time, and flow rate are as customizable as any coffee addict could want. For those who aren’t so focused on the precise degree that brings out the fruity notes of a Colombian bean, there are also six automatic modes, like the quick, strong, and even a cold brew setting. Take note of the insulated stainless steel carafe, which will keep your coffee warm for centuries without the scorched notes that can sometimes develop with a glass carafe resting on a heating element.

Breville Breville Le Barista Express, $ 720, amazon.ca

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Best espresso machine:

Breville The Barista Express

Cost: $ 720
Review of capsules: An all-in-one machine that really pays off
Best features: Yes, this espresso machine is an investment. But you’ll save so much money making delicious coffee at home that it will become, like, free after a few months of skipping those $ 7 cappuccinos. In fact, out of the thousands you could spend, this smart all-in-one machine is perfect for the novice barista: user-friendly enough that you can use it, yet pro enough to do things like grind the perfect amount of beans and extract your espresso to the optimum temperature — and those 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon can’t go wrong either.

ChemexChemex 6-Cup Pour-On Coffee Maker, $ 60, bedbathandbeyond.ca

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Best coffee service to pour:

Chemex 6-cup pour-over coffee maker

Cost: $ 60
Review of capsules: Pouring coffee for a crowd? It’s possible!
Best features: One of the most tedious things about pouring coffee is that traditional facilities only brew one meticulous cup of coffee at a time – Zen-like therapy if you have hours to spend tending to your rare grind. single origin, but frustrating if you have guests or like to drink more than one cup in a row. That’s why we love the Chemex six-cup machine, which still gives you the same temperature and brewing strength control that pouring is known for, but at a volume more suited to our coffee needs. The wooden collar gives it a Scandinavian vibe, which means it looks cool on your counter outside of working hours as well.

WalmartTakeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $ 20, walmart.ca

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Best cold brew coffee maker:

Takeya cold brew coffee maker

Cost: $ 20
Review of capsules: DIY cold brew that won’t clutter your fridge
Best features: This one is for all iced coffee fans, shaking their ice cubes even on the coldest day in January: you will fall in love with this super simple and super elegant way of recreating the specialty of coffee, loved for its sweetness and praised for its lack of acidity. Three reasons we love this affordable Japanese-designed model: there’s a fine-mesh inner basket to keep the grounds out of your brew; the tight-fitting lid means no alteration of the strange taste of the refrigerator; the quarter size fits perfectly on most refrigerator doors. You can also use it for hot coffee if you want, for your reference.

NespressoNespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother, $ 70, bestbuy.ca

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Best milk frother:

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother

Cost: $ 70
Review of capsules: Frothy and frothy milk at the touch of a button – no whisk required
Best features: Don’t waste your time with those silly frothing wands and switch straight to a milk frother that takes care of heating and aerating your milk while you do other things. We love the Nespresso Aeroccino because it’s fast, it foams for hot and cold drinks (perfect for an iced latte, say), and does a particularly good job with alt-mylks like oats and almonds.

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