Wait what? Man cooks in coffee machine to save company money, Twitter splits

Social media is full of many posts and stories that inspire and motivate us. Platforms like LinkedIn, in particular, have many career paths and stories to learn. However, a recent LinkedIn post has left netizens divided. A man named Alexander Cohen from Austin, Texas took to the professional social media network to share the moment he saved his business money. He talked about when he cooked his chicken in a coffee machine to save his business expenses while traveling on business. The post went viral on all social media and was even posted by Cohen on Twitter. Looked:

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@anothercohen’s tweet received over 68,000 likes and 3,600 retweets. “I’m traveling for work and instead of eating a fancy dinner, I decided to cook a cheaper meal in the hotel room. Even though the hotel room didn’t have a kitchen, I managed using the coffee machine to cook chicken with butter and garlic,” he wrote in the post. “Although the company allows me to spend dinner on the trip, I wanted to save money because I know every dollar counts on the P&L. It’s the little things that get you promoted,” a- he added.

Twitter users were quite confused about this post from Cohen. Some felt that it was completely unhygienic to cook chicken in a coffee machine, and it would likely make other people who used the machine very sick. “I will never make coffee in a hotel room again,” one user wrote in the comments. Others felt it was a prank and not a real incident, and the image was removed from the internet. “Wow, comments again. People really don’t understand jokes,” another user wrote. Others shared their own take on cooking in a hotel room, echoing the absurd post.


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Later, Alexander Cohen asked in the comments section of his post, “Does anyone know how to get the taste of chicken out of the pot? Someone reported me to hotel management and now they are threatening to charge the company card I have on file.”

What did you think of the man’s bizarre message? Do you think that was satire or did he actually cook a meal in the electric kettle in his hotel room? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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