Two new flavors for the coffee brand’s ready-to-drink series

Coffee lovers will have what to expect with the introduction of two new flavors to Nescafé’s ready-to-drink series.

Recognized as popular coffee choices, Kopi C and Kopi Cham are inspired by kopitiam, which is an integral part of Malaysia’s coffee heritage, said April Wong, Managing Director of Nestlé Malaysia Bhd Ready-to-Drink.

Brewed from a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, Kopi Cham is a blend of tea and coffee, while Kopi C has a milder blend of coffee and milk.

“Of course, nothing can be as good as sitting in your local kopitiam, enjoying your favorite cup of tea.

“However, as the nation continues to work hard to tackle the pandemic, Malaysians who have been advised to stay at home yearn more than ever to taste the familiar.

“This range couldn’t have come at a better time with these traditional coffee flavors, conveniently and hygienically packaged in a box to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home,” said Wong.

Hygiene was a guarantee as all cans are free from contamination, she added.

“Our dedicated production line and autoclave process, which is the most important process for killing bacteria in our water filtration system and closed piping circuits, ensure that every box is sterilized,” Wong said. .

Preserving the nostalgic feel, the coffee brand has also showcased a whole range of traditional coffees through its “Kopitiam Series”, which features other flavors such as Nescafé tarik, white coffee, kopi-O and Nescafé ais.

To bring this line to consumers, Wong said extensive research has been done to determine what the best coffee permutations are in local coffeeshops.

The Kopitiam series is available nationwide at all participating retail outlets and e-commerce sites.

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