This Vancouver Coffee Brand Turns Your Morning Coffee Into Charity

Okay, let’s be honest – ambitious or not, the thought of a steaming, freshly brewed cup of coffee is the one constant motivation we (well, most of us) have to get out of bed every morning. Especially since it’s the only part of our routine that’s unaffected by the pandemic. And thanks to Ethical Bean Coffee, our mouth-watering cup of coffee now does more than just wake us up. It also makes us more environmentally conscious and charitable.

Ethical Bean, as you probably already know, is a Vancouver-based coffee brand that brings us 100% fair trade, organic and locally roasted coffee beans. With its fair trade and sustainable practices, the brand has lived up to its name for nearly two decades. And they now make it easier for us to extend the same love (or even more) to the environment as we do to our coffee.

As part of their sustainability initiatives, Ethical Bean has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle® to bring you the Ethical Bean Coffee Recycling Program. This program allows you to send any brand of empty coffee bags to TerraCycle to be recycled for free. Pick up the bags in any box you have on hand and, when full, send them back.

Photos via Ethical Bean Coffee

“We’ve always believed that doing something good should be rewarded with something that tastes spectacular and this expansion of our coffee bag recycling program with TerraCycle delivers on that promise,” said Viren Malik, director of the operation of Ethical Bean. “We will increase consumer engagement across Canada, reduce soft bag waste in the coffee industry and support charities. It’s a win-win. »

Now here comes the charity side of the program – with every shipment you earn reward points (about 3 points per bag). Your points can then be used to donate to your choice of non-profit, school or charity organization. Basically, our morning cup of joy will now bring joy to the community and the planet as well.

All you have to do is register here and collect the bags of coffee from a box (presumably from the box where you received your recent shipment of Ethical Bean Coffee). Then print the shipping label and send the shipment.

Right herecheck the TerraCycle website for program information, then go to Ethical coffee beans to enter your favorite coffee roast.

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