The ultra-fancy coffee machine that only some Starbucks stores have

Wired illustrated how the Clover machine works in 2008, touting that the price at the time was $11,000. The machine prepares individual cups of coffee, each according to the beans used. The barista chooses the setting, places the freshly ground beans in a chamber, and uses a flat whisk to stir before a plunger presses the coffee into a cup, much like a French press.

In 2019, much to the dismay of coffee lovers, Starbucks considered eliminating its Reserve stores and with it, the Clover. Starbucks questioned whether the effort for a single cup of coffee was really worth the time, money, and effort — all to woo the hard-to-catch coffee expert. Clover lovers stepped out of the woodwork, declaring their love for Starbucks Reserve. Some stores actually removed the Clover, which upset many customers, as Total Retail pointed out.

And so, it was in early 2022 that Starbucks unveiled an all-new Clover to roll out to more Starbucks reserves — much to the delight of coffee connoisseurs everywhere, according to The Street. So if you find yourself on a stash in the near future, chasing your TikTok influencer dreams, be sure to check out the menu at Clover Roast Coffee.

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