The Incredible Story of Israel’s First Coffee Brand

How did real coffee culture come to Israel, and who brought it to the land where they once drank mostly “coffee”? chicory? This story is full of adventures and unexpected twists.

The fate of a man named Landwehr and Moshe, a Jew from Bukovina. And the story begins on the battlefields of the First World War – Moshe volunteered for the Austro-Hungarian army and, among other things, was engaged in supplying military coffee. So Moshe entered the world of coffee for the first time, learned how it works and how much coffee affects a person’s mood.

During the war, Moshe saw how hot coffee literally warms the soldiers, and they began to joke and laugh. So the decision has come to continue treating people with hot, strong coffee in civilian life. And in 1919, Moshe Landwehr and his young wife Rosa opened their first café in Berlin.

    The Incredible Story of Israel's First Coffee Brand

How to make your coffee shop the most popular in the capital

But Moshe had no intention of becoming one of the many cafe owners in the German capital. He wanted his coffee to be the best, and for that he needs branded coffee – better tasting than the neighbours. And Moshe started conjuring up his own formula for roasting coffee beans and blends.

To do this, he bought the best equipment of the time from a large Probat company. Today Probat – it is no longer a big, but a giant company, a leader in the coffee roasting industry, supplying more than 50% of the world market with equipment.

Moshe placed roasting equipment next to his café – in the nearby Berlin square, where his family roasted coffee in the morning, filling the streets with a thick aroma and calling Berliners to café tables.

And yes, Moshe found his perfect coffee formula – he created and patented a blend that made his coffee one of the most popular in Berlin and soon opened 4 other coffee shops.

How coffee united the Jews of Berlin
Everything was great: Rosa smiled at the counter of the central cafe in Berlin Landwer, inventing new recipes for cakes and pastries along the way, guests drank coffee from thin porcelain cups at tables with snow-white tablecloths from the morning till night, Moshe was on duty at the coffee machine, continuing to carry out expansion plans. Moshe’s business acumen enabled him to survive the inflation of the 1920s. These years tied the Landwehr family closely to the German Jewish community: many famous Jews visited his house and cafe, and conversations with Chaim Nachman Bialik have seriously influenced the ideology of the family.

And then 1933 came, the Nazis came to power. And the Landwehr family did what they had been looking for for a long time: they came to the land of Israel.

    The Incredible Story Behind Israel's First Coffee Brand

How real coffee appeared in Israel

And with the Landwehr family, European coffee culture came to Israel and quickly took root.

The first thing Moshe did in Israel – found a place for his roasting factory. Accustomed to beautiful landscapes, Moshe chose a place on Allenby Street with a view of the sea.

And Landwer coffee became the most popular in the country even before the independence of the State of Israel.

After the establishment of the state During the austerity years of the 1950s, chicory-based coffee substitutes were sold almost exclusively in the country.
Real coffee could then only be found in Landwer. This made Landwer Coffee Roasting House a meeting place for coffee lovers – many people came there daily to buy real coffee, which had been rare in Israel for many years.

The love for Landwer coffee, as well as the demand for it, continued to grow, and in 1964 Moshe realized that Allenby’s small roastery was no longer enough. The roastery expanded and moved to the Holon Industrial Zone, where it stands to this day, covering an area of ​​about 1000 square meters.

How the founders of Rishon Lezion went on to create coffee history

In the early 1980s, Moshe Landwehr sold the business to Federman & Sons (Holdings) Group Ltd. But even after transitioning to new ownership, the company retained the family format and special production methods that made its coffee so tasty and of high quality. quality.

Itzhak Federman’s family immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem as early as 1876, and his wife Noga is a descendant of a family of artists who immigrated to Israel in August 1882 and were among the founders of Rishon Lezion.

Landwer coffee retains its unique character through special blends, high quality roasting and proper grinding, which is why Israelis have been drinking Landwer coffee for four generations.

Recent history of coffee in Israel
Everyone knows that technology is the secret of success, in recent years, Landwer Coffee has upgraded the roasting workshop technology. Today, the factory complies with the strictest ISO-9001 and ISO 22000:2005 international standards and is the most modern and advanced in Israel. The result of this step is the best coffee that can be produced.

The Incredible Story of Israel's First Coffee Brand

Espresso. What else?

Today, Landwer coffee is roasted according to the traditions of the author and modern technologies in beans, ground and in aluminum capsules.

Landwer roasts Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties from Vietnam, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Brazil and creates branded blends from them, achieving the perfect taste.

Landwer ground coffee is available in different grind grades – for espresso, macchiato and other preparation methods. Cold grinding of coffee is used, which fully preserves the aroma of the beans. Freshly ground coffee is packaged and stored in such a way that no flavor notes are lost.

Landwer coffee capsules are produced only in aluminum, it is the highest quality type of capsules, they best preserve the taste of coffee. There are more or less strong capsules, there is – double roasting, for lovers of strong coffee, or long roasting at low temperature – for lovers of an extra strong drink, there is a soft mild roasting for those who prefer balance and restraint in everything.

You can find all types of Landwer coffee in retail chains across Israel, in brand stores, and on the website. And here you can also find excellent Italian and German coffee machines and coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee cups and sets and many other accessories.

You can also try real coffee in the Landwer coffee chain across the country, they will serve exceptional pastries and tasty meals.

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