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May 17, 2022 1:50 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI/India PR Distribution): In 2018, two young individuals namely Sanket Sharma and Vipul Abhishek came up with an idea to launch a coffee shop that would not only offer premium coffee to its customers but would work also towards producing coffee products that can be purchased by anyone around the world who cares about the quality of the coffee they consume. In just four years, The Highbrooks Cafe has become a leading food and beverage brand in India.
The first Highbrooks Cafe outlet opened in Jabalpur in 2018. The name of the cafe has an interesting history behind it. The meaning of ‘Brooks’ is river. As the famous Narmada River runs through Jabalpur, the founders decided to include the word ‘streams’ in the name of the cafe. The “high”, as one might guess, refers to the good health or energy we get when we consume coffee.
Encouraged by the resounding success of the first outlet, Sanket and Vipul decided to open five more stores over the next two years. At present, there are two outlets of Highbrooks Cafe in Jabalpur. One is located inside Muskan Plaza and the other is at Food Republic. In Delhi, there are three outlets based in locations such as GK-1, SDA Market and Select Citywalk. There is also The Highbrooks Roastery in Sultanpur.
Sharing the reason for The Highbrooks Cafe’s success, co-founder Sanket Sharma says, “The idea behind starting The HighbrooksCafe was to raise the standard of specialty coffee in India. quality. They are far superior to other coffee roasters that mainly mix and match different types of coffee and therefore compromise on the quality front. It also gave rise to the need to roast single-origin coffee in cafes that were looking to amplify the coffee industry. After identifying the parameter, the next challenge for the market was to fix the mining inefficiency. We were finally able to launch an application that meets the needs of the industry and works to solve the problems it faces.
Highbrooks Coffee is well known for its specialty roast and brew coffee. The brand derives its revenue from two main sources and follows both the B2B or Business-To-Business model and the D2C or Direct-To-Consumer model. While its wide range of hot and cold drinks, as well as food products served in cafes, are very popular, the company has also established itself as a brand that offers high-quality coffee products. One can either buy these products from their stores or from their official website

Talking about the company’s future plans, co-founder Vipul Abhishek said, “We are planning to open more outlets in the near future. Recently, one of our dream projects came to life under the form of the THC application.It is a man-made intelligence and machine learning application that will help cafe owners and coffee brewers around the world to brew high quality coffee.It is also designed for people who want to perfect the art of brewing a fine cup of coffee.
The THC app uses artificial intelligence to measure the extraction time or the brewing time of an espresso. If your customers have ever complained about the inconsistent quality of the coffee you offer them, the problem lies in the espresso extraction. The app was designed to offer AI-powered solutions to coffee shop owners to ensure some degree of consistency in the espresso extraction process.
You can download the THC app from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. After downloading it, you must remember to use the app at least twice a day. Using the app is a very simple process. First, you need to launch the camera on THC APP and register the ground coffee in a portafilter using a scale. After that, tamp it down and insert the portafilter into a group head. Please the measurement scale and activate a particular mode which represents the time in seconds and the weight in grams. Press the button to fire the shot and record the espresso extraction process with the THC app. In doing so, you must ensure that the measuring scale, espresso cup and group head remain visible to the eyes.
Once the extraction process is complete, stop recording on the THC app. The app will now ask you to select the variety of coffee beans. Once the selection process is complete, press ‘submit’. It will take about 2-3 minutes to thoroughly assess the result of the espresso extraction process. Depending on the result, THC APP will provide you with the necessary comments or suggestions. THC APP also has a chat function which helps users to solve their queries.
The app, which has been nothing short of a revolution for the coffee industry, has been tested by several cafes in India that source their roasted coffee from The HighbrooksRoastery. The well-designed app is available on both Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Highbrooks Cafe is not just another success story in the Indian food and beverage industry. He has played an important role in bringing forward several innovative techniques and innovative methods from which the industry has benefited immensely.
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