Tatas launches Eight O’clock coffee brand

MUMBAI: Some 15 years after acquiring Eight O’clock, the fourth largest coffee brand in the United States, Tata Consumer Products is set to launch in India, President N Chandrasekaran said at the 58th meeting on Friday. annual general meeting of the company.
It was at Eight O’clock that Tata Consumer entered the US java market, and since then it has remained a valuable feather in the Indian company’s cap.
Eight O’clock will debut in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model next week, Chandrasekaran said. Tata Consumer CEO Sunil D’Souza told TOI that Eight O’clock will be launched on “our own exclusive website” and then sold on other online platforms.
The company recently started launching brands in the D2C model, as the Covid pandemic has boosted online shopping. Sonnets was introduced as a premier D2C / line coffee brand. An internet search shows the price of Eight O’clock at Rs 1,202 for a 680g pack, but D’Souza said that was the traders’ price. “The pricing of our own products will be more competitive. ”
Harish Bijoor, founder of Harish Bijoor Consults and former executive of Tata Consumer, welcomed the launch of Eight O’clock in India. “Coffee culture in India is very advanced today compared to the early days of my efforts to promote coffee in India,” said Bijoor, who, before setting up his own brand consulting firm, was in charge of marketing of Tata Consumer’s coffee portfolio from 1993 to 2001.
“Today, coffee is both liquid and solid in India. The liquid that circulates through our coffee chains and vending machines in offices, and the solid that circulates through retail outlets in the form of roasted, ground and soluble coffees. Indian consumers want to explore more than coffee and chicory. And Eight O’clock delivers that ‘extra’, ”Bijoor said.

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