Tassimo Bosch coffee machine with 3,000 5-star reviews costs less than £ 30

Typically selling for £ 39.99, the Tassimo Bosch coffee machine has just its price has been slashed by 25%, bringing it down to just £ 29.99 – which is a far cry from the sky-high prices of other coffee machines on the market (and perfect for budget-conscious buyers).

To buy: Amazon (£ 29.99)

The Tassimo Bosch coffee machine is available in black and cream, so you can easily match it to your kitchen decor.

Making drinks with this machine couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is load your pod and press the front side with your mug as you place it and it will begin to work its magic.

One reviewer said the coffee machine was a snap to use, adding, “I bought this machine about two weeks ago and really couldn’t fault it. This machine is fast and really easy to use ”.

Another aspect of this machine that reviewers love is its compact size, as it doesn’t take up too much bench space like other machines.

One reviewer said that they “really liked the compact and handy size of the machine, it is also very light so you can easily store it in your suitcase for the holidays. It makes delicious coffee and I use it daily.

If you are fed up with suffering from instant coffee, this reviewer says that after you buy this machine, they “will never buy a cheap nasty coffee pot for the house ever again!”

You don’t have to stick to just one type of brew with the Tassimo Bosch coffee machine, with a wide range of coffee variations on offer.

To buy: Amazon (£ 29.99)

A satisfied customer said: “Love it! It is incredibly easy to use with a wide variety of drinks that can be created.

“There is a drink for everyone in our family, so it is used daily. It’s a nice, compact machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space and to top it off it cleans itself! “.

Reviewers who love to entertain have found the coffee maker to be a great addition, with one saying, “I can’t explain how happy I am that I can make great coffee at home with just a tap. on a mug.

“I bought a variety of pods so that I could give all my friends their favorite.”

If working from home has taken you away from the office coffee machine, this model is a cost effective way to ensure you always have access to quality coffee.

One reviewer said they were “obsessed with all the coffee and with how often I worked from home I had to buy something that took the place of my frequent visits to our office machine, and it was perfect.

“The coffees are great every time and taste amazing. Just like those in the store! “.

You can purchase the Tassimo Bosch coffee machine while it is still for sale on Amazon here.

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