Taqueria Papi Chulo’s and Coffee Brand Deadstock arrive at new development in northeastern Alberta


Deadstock Coffee owner Ian Williams was not interested in the expansion. The roaster and former shoe developer Nike, who runs a small cafe in Old Town Portland, is wary of people who have stepped out of the woods this year in search of “collaborations” – and a lot of hard work – just to symbolize it. . So when the HMS Development team contacted him about opening a new location on Alberta’s NE Street, he initially ignored them. “I was like, ‘Sounds cool, but whatever,’” he says. “It’s a new development – it just seemed expensive. “

But HMS, a partnership between Portland-born NFL player Ndamukong Suh and construction veteran Joel Andersen, has been established on Deadstock. Williams started chatting with them more often, and he warmed to the idea: he liked developers to focus on black business leaders and business leaders of color; he liked being able to get direct responses from the development team and work directly with them rather than with a broker. “Okay, I’m interested, but I don’t really know” turned to “It sounds fantastic, but I don’t have the money,” Williams said. “They just said, ‘If you tell us where you are, we can help you. “” Within months, Williams had signed: Next year Deadstock’s Lebronald Palmers will land at Alberta Alley, a new development on 30th and northeastern Alberta.

He’s not alone: ​​Not all of the development’s stores are public yet, but Pearl District Papi Chulo’s taqueria will also be opening an Alberta Alley store, serving tacos on Three Sisters tortillas, burritos stuffed with cochinita pibil, and Margaritas on tap. The original restaurant opened in December 2019, a colorful service counter serving birria tacos and micheladas. The second location will have a similar feel, with burritos birria, tacos, and jugs of margarita to drink in the courtyard of Alberta Alley.

Alberta Alley will consist of six individual storefronts, connected by a common pedestrian lane under a covered patio. Papi Chulo’s and Deadstock will also have limited indoor seating in their storefronts, but the alley also serves as a common courtyard for the development, where people can eat tacos, drink coffee, or hang out and shop.

While Papi Chulo’s design will be very similar to the original location, Williams describes the new Deadstock as a cleaner, more “made-up” version of its original space. “It’ll be a little more like a cafe you’d go to, but the Deadstock version of it,” he says. “Our current (cafe) looks a bit more like your high school room.” This means the new cafe will still have the same emphasis on hip hop, sneakers, and the killer cafe that Deadstock is known for. “One of the owners told me, ‘When I’m in town I want a place where I can sit and be with my friends,’” Williams says. “I went, ‘Oh, I can do that. Want to relax? I can do this so that you can relax.

Suh, a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is nothing new to the Portland food industry: the former Grant High is also a co-owner of Fried Chicken Shop Baes, Burger Chain Super Deluxe and Spot of fish and chips Rock Paper Fish with local restaurateur Micah Camden. However, this development gives him the opportunity to invest in companies that he admires from afar. In a written statement, Suh said, “Our connection to the restaurants, coupled with the project schedule and the historic and vibrant location of Northeast Portland, made the decision to support them in this next step a no-brainer. “

Alberta Alley is located at 3003 NE Alberta Street and will open in 2021.

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