SU Year Two Launches Keep Coffee Casual Coffee Brand

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Murray Lebovitz, a sophomore at Syracuse University, has started to think about how he might help students access specialty brewed coffee after Kubal Cafe closes at Marshall Square Mall this summer. This led him to start his own coffee business, Keep Coffee Casual.

Students can order ready-to-use cold brew coffee on campus through a Google form available on the Keep Coffee Casual Instagram account. Once Lebovitz receives an order, he coordinates with the customer to deliver his coffee.

Lebovitz first developed a love for coffee when he used to watch his father make coffee at home using their family’s espresso machine. During his sabbatical in Israel, however, Lebovitz began to explore ways to make coffee himself.

“About two years ago I started making better coffee,” Lebovitz said. “I found my inspiration in the idea that coffee connects people to each other at the intersection of something as simple as a bean. The coffee tastes good and (can) be affordable. I think that motivates me most of the time.

Keep Coffee Casual also supports local businesses, as Lebovitz purchases the coffee beans he uses to brew his cold brew from local roasters in the Syracuse area, such as Recess Coffee.

Lebovitz brews cold beer in his dorm in a process that takes him around 12 to 15 hours. Lebovitz’s roommate Josh Golden said he’s interesting to see the coffee-making process and respects the thinking Lebovitz puts into every step.

Lebovitz brews the coffee using local roasters like Recess Coffee and delivers the coffee to the students. Courtesy of Murray Lebovitz

“If I ever hear someone say they love cold infusions, I say, ‘Oh, you should buy from Murray.’ He has his business and he makes a really good cold beer that people love, ”Golden said.

Since August, Lebovitz has sold 67 bottles of coffee to 28 different customers. SU sophomore Lindsey Coby, who once bought coffee in Lebovitz, likes Keep Coffee Casual allows her to support local businesses rather than buying from a large supplier.

“I would encourage other people to buy it because you are supporting a fellow student in something they are passionate about and something they want to do in the future,” Coby said. “Murray is at Whitman and is a businessman, and he wants to learn how the industry works.”

I found inspiration in the idea that coffee connects people to each other at the intersection of something as simple as a bean.

Murray Lebovitz, sophomore SU student and owner of Keep Coffee Casual.

Lebovitz is brainstorming ideas on how to grow his business. He plans to turn to a nonprofit, nonprofit organization that seeks to help coffee growers and cafe owners “tackle the current coffee price crisis.”

He noticed that some people at SU were drinking low-quality coffee and said they were missing a more ethically sourced product.

“For me, nothing is revolutionary in brewing coffee,” said Lebovitz. “I don’t have a unique product; I just have a single grain that I show people.

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