Stacey Solomon’s coffee machine hack as she uses it to make tea in a new baby’s room


Pregnant Stacey Solomon took to Instagram to share a great hack with her followers as she brewed tea using a coffee maker in her baby girl’s newly decorated nursery.

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Stacey Solomon makes sparkling tea with a coffee machine

Stacey Solomon has found a great way to relax in her new nursery.

The Loose Women star is expecting a baby girl with partner Joe Swash and they’ve been busy decorating the room in preparation for their baby girl’s arrival.

However, Stacey took a much-needed break to put the finishing touches on the room as she sat down for tea in her daughter’s bedroom.

Showing her hack to her Instagram followers, Stacey uploaded a snapshot of her new tea and coffee station using her father’s old Nespresso machine.

“The happiness I have is not normal,” she captioned the photo.

Stacey shared the handy tea station hack

She enjoyed a quiet cup of tea in her baby’s new bedroom

“It’s a little noisy but with the door closed you should be fine. I’ll put my mini fridge here too to keep the milk.”

Stacey also likes the new froth appearing on top of her tea, but insisted it doesn’t change the taste.

“There is no difference in taste with the foam,” she wrote.

“But I always wanted foam but I couldn’t have it because it’s for coffee so it changed my life!”

Earlier this year, Stacey admitted she was thrilled to be expecting the couple’s first daughter – a brother for their son Rex, two, and Joe’s son Harry, 14, and Stacey’s children – Leighton , nine, and Zachary, 13.

“Baby Girl,” Stacey began posting on Instagram in July.

“I can’t believe I’m writing this… We’re raising a little girl.

“To our darling boys you are the best big brothers one could wish for and you are (sic) the little sister is the luckiest girl in the world to have you all by her side. Honestly, I didn’t of words…”

Stacey and Joe are expecting a baby girl


staceysolomon / Instagram)

Stacey recently finished the baby’s room and revealed that she takes pride in her DIY work.

She wrote: “Our baby’s room – it’s done.”

“To my darling daughter, I loved every second I spent creating this special place for you. All of my heart and soul is in this room and I would do it again if I could,” she added.

“I can’t wait to bring you home here and show you everything. I can’t wait to hold you, cuddle you, sing to you, feed you and put you to bed here. I’m so proud to everything here and it’s been the best feeling to have done it and I’ll miss being covered in pink paint.

“We can’t wait to see you my little one. To the moon and the stars and vice versa princess, we love you.”

Stacey just finished decorating her daughter’s room



Stacey is expecting her first daughter

The nursery is complete with beautiful pink furniture and a wonderful wall of pink flowers.

The changing table is also floral and located under the window while the dressing room doors have been given a makeover, painted in a stunning pastel pink and reused handles sprayed with gold to complete the look.

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