Stacey Solomon Shares Unusual ‘Life-Changing’ Coffee Maker Hack For Those Who Dislike Hot Drink


Stacey Solomon may have just found a way for non-coffee lovers to still get their caffeine fix without all the effort.

The pregnant TV star took to Instagram to share her latest hack with her millions of followers as she sat down for a tea break in her daughter’s future nursery.

Stacey, 31, explained that the coffee machine doesn’t just have to be for a classic Americano, Espresso, or whatever version you choose.

She also used it for a classic brew after she was suggested to buy a Teasmade.

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Stacey uploaded various videos and snapshots of herself setting up the new coffee and tea station, using her father’s old Nespresso machine.

She pointed to the sleek gray and white machine, to which she had attached a hook to hang a spoon.

After showing how she does it, Stacey captioned the final photo: “The happiness I have is not normal.

“It’s a little noisy but with the door closed you should be fine. I’ll put my mini-fridge here too to keep the milk.”

Tea from a coffee maker anyone?

Stacey also filmed a video after fans texted her about having “frothy milk” in tea.

“There is no difference in taste with the foam,” she wrote.

“But I always wanted froth but couldn’t have it because it’s for coffee so it changed my life.”

The mother of three is no stranger to a hack or two, often sharing her latest tips and “Tap to Tidy” edits with her followers.

She explained after fans worried about the frothy milk in the tea

But she recently shared a relatable issue as she headed for work thinking she had “broken” the day.

The busy working mom realized that she forgot to do just one thing before leaving after a morning spent getting the youngest son Rex ready for the day and tidying up his house – known as ” Pickle Cottage ”.

Stacey is currently preparing to welcome her fourth child, a baby girl.

The new addition will be her second child with fiancé Joe Swash after two-year-old Rex.

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