South Africans decide which coffee brand is most loyal to them and their pocket

What does your favorite cafe offer you that makes you so loyal to them?

South African consumers who love coffee can actually research online which brand offers the best loyalty benefits. Image: LightField Studios

These companies have now seen that by offering incentives to customers, they will come back to buy their coffee.

It’s not just branding or social media presence that attracts customers. Location, price, quality, and other elements should be considered when a customer chooses where to have their morning or evening coffee.

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While it’s not ideal for coffee businesses or “baristas” (as they called it) to gather so much information from their customers, it is an important thing to do as a business owner or manager. ‘business.

While big brands dominate due to their popularity and higher level of status, in smaller towns you will find that smaller coffee organizations fare much better than larger organizations. This is due to the brand loyalty that a customer would show.

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Almost anyone can drink coffee these days

The new standard in most international countries proves how coffee is considered a good product. Picture: Maria Avdeeva

The majority of small coffee businesses have adapted to using apps such as Yo-yo. The brand is small in size but packs a punch as it is quick to register a customer and user friendly.

Coffee companies are now embracing the marketing trend of using more apps to entice consumers to join their brand rather than their competitors.

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Ultimately, many cafes that are part of large franchises focus on customer brand loyalty.

Small cafes offer incentives like getting two for one specials on certain days. It’s hard to choose these days, but I guess that’s why it’s all part of the trip.


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