Seattle-based coffee brand Third Culture expands reach in India

January 29, 2021 1:14 PM STI

New Delhi [India], Jan. 29 (ANI / ThePRTree): US-based beverage brand Third Culture is now expanding its reach to the Indian shores and starting with all-natural, low-sugar cold coffee brews and healthy soft drinks.
Third Culture, a popular Seattle brand, is ready to serve its delicious and healthy options to Indian consumers, who are not fans of the high-sugar drinks already on the market and demand better options.
Built on the pillars of health, diversity and sustainability, the company believes in sourcing the highest quality local ingredients, supporting local farmers and making beverages with precision and time to develop a delicious flavor.
Their proprietary recipes and processes have been developed over the years thanks to their international expertise and set their offerings in terms of taste and quality apart from all other drinks on the market.
Now made in India, Third Culture prides itself on being a private label product – with everyday ingredients that everyone understands, without all of the harmful artificial ingredients.
Each drink is based on an everyday superfood, be it coffee, ginger or turmeric, hand-brewed over three days in small batches to develop delicious flavor. The drinks contain no preservatives, concentrates, additives, high fructose corn syrup, and most importantly, no chemicals.
Third Culture drinks are available for purchase from their website for local delivery in New Delhi and Gurugram.
The brand plans to make it available in India by February 2021. It works selectively with high-end retail chains across the country and will launch its launch with Godrej’s Nature Basket in Mumbai.
“The third culture was built for the purpose of bringing people together by celebrating cultures around the world through healthy cultural drinks. A third culture person is a person whose home is defined by people and emotions that connect them to people rather than geographic areas, a person who absorbs and incorporates the best of the culture to which they are exposed, for a more holistic and fulfilling lifestyle, ”said Radhikka Kapur, co-founder and CEO, when asked about the thinking behind Third Culture.

“More than a launch, it’s more of a homecoming for the brand, as India is perhaps one of the best examples of diversity in the world, where all cultures are celebrated. We are delighted to present the best of the international drink styles we have. a well-established reputation with the discerning Indian public, ”she adds.
The company believes that trends in India are changing, increasingly aligning with international trends, where consumers demand healthier products, with high-quality ingredients that match the values ​​they hold dear.
“By implementing our hyper-local strategy, we are delighted to showcase the high quality local ingredients and the amazing drinks they can produce. We are honored and thrilled to be a part of ‘Made in India’ by bringing the best of our experiences and manufacture them in India for Indian consumption, ”says Kapur.
Company co-founder Sandeep Kini said they have always focused on connecting directly with consumers to showcase delicious, healthy and high-quality products.
“It’s a relationship based on trust that we always put everything else first. Product deployments for India and the United States are aligned and we are excited to bring the best of the world’s cultures to both markets. Our global launch really defines Third Culture. and allows us to be a leader in the movement to deliver healthier everyday options that are good for us. By focusing on an e-commerce platform and offering subscription programs, we are making direct connections with the consumer, ”says Kini.
With sustainability as the third pillar of the business, Third Culture is aware of every choice it makes and of its impact on the environment – From choosing recycled glass for its bottles to committing to a “no-no” rule. plastic ”, to the use of recycled paper for packaging. With the continued support of consumers, they hope to continue building on this initiative as the business grows.
Third Culture has already made a name for itself for its global vision for coffee, tea and healthy drinks. Coming from the coffee and craft brewing capital of the world, Seattle USA,
Third Culture takes pleasure in making drinks that are delicious, local, nutritious and help create healthier lifestyle options without any compromise on taste or quality.
Led by a slim team who are strong with passion and energy with a mission to make the world a healthier and more inclusive place, the Third Culture celebrates the inherent goodness of everyday superfoods, offering options that will become new essentials and favorites of the whole family .
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