Schaerer announces its new compact coffee machine

Schaerer explains how its new Schaerer Coffee Skye machine offers customized flexibility for different application scenarios and the advantage of contactless solutions.

For Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer, the flexibility to customize an order according to individual preferences must coincide with the quality of the drinks.

Following the launch of Schaerer’s Coffee Soul machine, which caters to high volumes with a recommended daily output of 250 drinks, the Schaerer Coffee Skye is the next machine in Schaerer’s lineup to cater to individual customization.

“The idea behind the Schaerer Coffee Skye was to cover the middle demand segment between the compact Schaerer Coffee Club and the high-performance Schaerer Coffee Soul”, explains Rueegger.

“[The Coffee Skye] is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a recommended daily production of up to 180 cups of coffee,” says Pauline Rueegger, Product Manager. “This includes small and medium-sized restaurants, snack and soft drink bars, quick service restaurants, offices or gas stations, as well as mobile cafe concepts for events.”

“The Schaerer Coffee Skye is a young, modern machine that embodies individuality, with the freedom to configure customer preferences according to their needs. The machine is very convenient with its compact size, mobility, excellent coffee quality and new Pure Foam milk system, producing creamy, fine-pored milk foam.

The Coffee Skye features the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) as the Coffee Soul, in an 8-inch high-resolution video-enabled touchscreen.

The interface features large beverage icons allowing users to select up to two different blends with two built-in grinders and up to two powdered beverages in one machine. The display can be adapted to the three most common application situations, such as frequent user mode, guest mode or personal mode.

“For self-service operation, guest mode is ideal. In guest mode, the selection is fully guided and experiential, with several steps allowing for the precise composition of the drink. It’s perfect for the breakfast room of a hotel, company canteen, gas station or convenience store,” says Rueegger.

“Personal mode is perfect for efficient drink preparation in just a few steps thanks to drink presets, pre-modifier and order list. Staff will find it easy and quick to use. The launch of the preparation of the most common orders is almost instantaneous, while all other recipes are immediately accessible with a minimum of interaction.

Unveiled to the public for the first time at the Internorga exhibition in Hamburg, Rueegger claims that the technical equipment and user profiles of the Schaerer Coffee Skye can be easily adapted to customer needs and applications.

Rueegger says that while the development of the machine faced some challenges, such as lack of supply and shipping delays due to the global pandemic, it was important for Schaerer to add to its portfolio of models and create a coffee machine with simplified construction, ease of maintenance, and easy accessibility of components.

“We have created an ambitious roadmap, with just over two years to complete the project. The effects of COVID-19 didn’t make it any easier, but the whole Schaerer team worked hard to develop the time machine,” she says.

“We developed our first 3D printed prototype in August 2021. Because it was developed on schedule, it allowed us to address any potential issues, make adjustments, and get early internal feedback.

“Since then, we have carried out field tests in Switzerland with eight machines and three machines internationally and have received very positive feedback from our customers.

To meet the current climate and growing demand for convenient and hygienic self-service options, Schaerer’s Coffee Skye also offers contactless preparation and payment processes.

“In these times of coronavirus, the 2nd screen, the contactless socket and the digital payment solution offer the self-service customer a hygienic, contactless and safe way to obtain the desired coffee drink”, says Alex Prel, Regional Sales Manager of Schaerer Coffee.

For the preparation of low-contact coffees, the 2nd Screen option allows drinks to be prepared from the customer’s smartphone, thanks to contactless control.

“A QR code appears on the screen of the coffee machine. The end customer scans it with their smartphone, then the available coffee specialties are displayed. Tapping on the smartphone starts the preparation process,” explains Prel.

Another advantage for hygienic operation is the Schaerer digital payment solution, which enables contactless payment with a smartphone.

“Schaerer’s digital payment solution now makes it easier to enter the world of mobile app payment. The Schaerer digital payment solution is an integral part of the coffee machine software,” explains Prel.

“After selecting the drink, a QR code appears on the coffee machine’s touch screen, which the customer scans with a smartphone to initiate the payment process.

“If the operator uses their own app or a scanner is connected to the self-service coffee concept, the digital playground is even wider: from creating drinks in apps by coffee connoisseurs to putting implementation of customer loyalty programs based on bonus or voucher systems. », explains Prél.

Schaerer coffee machines can also easily connect to customer-specific apps, software solutions and systems using Schaerer Prisma, a local application programming interface (API).

“Schaerer Prisma offers customers almost unlimited possibilities to communicate with the coffee machine and create customer-specific preferences or new user experiences,” says Prel.

The Schaerer Prisma also acts as a local connection which allows much faster data transfer than cloud-based APIs.

Prel says another innovative feature of the Coffee Skye is that the screen can also be used as an advertising tool.

“When the machine is not in use, it is able to automatically play videos or display screen savers. This presents the opportunity for enhanced brand exposure, targeting and personalization, skills that traditional machines cannot compete with,” he says.

According to Prel, with Schaerer’s longevity as a coffee manufacturing company of nearly 100 years, customers can be assured of the company’s expertise and ability to deliver a quality product.

“That, and Schaerer’s individual approach, allows for greater flexibility,” says Prel. “We don’t produce machines from stock because each customer needs their own configuration of exact demand and use. By only producing machines after the order has been received, this allows us to supply exactly what they need.

“Our goal is to anticipate existing solutions in terms of intuitive operation, process reliability and to share our extensive knowledge with as many coffee lovers as possible.”

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This article first appeared in the May/June 2022 edition of the Global Coffee Report. Learn more HERE.

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