Roberts Mart supplies compostable packs to leading Icelandic coffee brand

As the trend towards more sustainable solutions for the food and beverage industry accelerates, the printed flexible packaging company said it is responding with greener alternatives to mixed plastics.

The award-winning Yorkshire-based company supplies Iceland’s largest coffee and roaster brand, Te & Kaffi, with compostable printed packaging for a huge range of coffee pods, beans and granules. The deal is worth £350,000 a year for Robert Mart. This is a growing market for the company with exports of compostable packaging currently in the range of £750,000+ a year.

Currently supplying compostable packaging to businesses in France, Belgium and Spain, Roberts Mart also caters to potential customers in Germany and Switzerland as well as the UK. The company said it also receives requests for recyclables from domestic and mainland businesses.

Simon Roberts, Commercial Director at Roberts Mart, said: “It’s a tough market, but our sustainable products are very well received as they adapt to the climate in which customers operate. It’s an ongoing relationship with Te & Kaffi and they now see us as their number one supplier – after the materials they source for the coffee itself!

He believes there is a real synergy between the two companies as they are both independent businesses. Te & Kaffi’s production manager, Stefán Wernersson, agrees. He was hugely impressed when he visited the state-of-the-art Roberts Mart facility on the outskirts of Leeds to see the packaging process.

“We had been looking for compostable materials for our packaging for a long time and we always had problems with the right barrier on this type of material,” Wernersson said. “Roberts Mart delivered exactly what we wanted and after testing offered the right packaging solution for our needs. We now have a circular solution in Iceland where our packaging is taken to a local industrial composting facility which produces methane to allow us to roast more coffee!

Roberts Mart said it is committed to reducing the impact of its products on the environment through an ongoing sustainability approach that includes providing films and pouches that are fully biodegradable or recyclable in household trash.

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