Popular coffee brand% Arabica will open its first store in Malaysia in December!

Few businesses have seen the success of coffee shops over the past decade – no matter where you open one, the likelihood of it being a success is huge!

Beat your local Mamaks, cafes have become a main watering hole for Malaysians who just want to have a good cup of tea and chat.

Good news Malaysians! % Arabica, Kyoto’s most popular coffee, is coming to town!

Founded by Kenneth Shoki, when% Arabica first opened, it was never intended to be a tourist destination like it is today. These days if you go to Kyoto all you can see are tourists taking selfies with the iconic% cups.

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Opening their first Malaysian outlet at Pavilion KL in December, Malaysians commenting on the ad were indeed thrilled to get their hands on some delicious coffee.

With the motto “See the world through coffee”,% Arabica has not only established itself as a true coffee maker, but also as an insta-worthy brand with a minimalist approach to coffee.

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Having made their mark in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait and many more places, we have to say it is time for them to visit Malaysia!

Better late than never, right?

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