Perfect TikTok Viral Iced Coffee Recipe for Biscoff Lovers

An iced coffee is the perfect refreshing drink for the summer, and even better when made with something sweet.

Another coffee recipe went viral on TikTok after Dalgona’s recipe last year, this time it’s at Lotus Biscoff.

Dalgona coffee consists of hot or cold milk topped with a creamy meringue-like coffee foam and it took over TikTok in the summer of 2020.

Now users are enthusiastic about the Biscoff flavored iced coffees and lattes, which are very easy to prepare.

The following version of @itsmemarinaa received 287.1K likes, 2M views and over 3300 comments.

You will only need four ingredients – ice cream, Biscoff spread, milk and cold brew coffee.

You can make your own cold brew the night before if you want, just by brewing regular coffee and letting it cool in the fridge overnight.

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To make the drink at home, mix a tablespoon of Biscoff Spread with milk, then pour the mixture over ice and cover with your cold brew, adding a little more milk if desired.

Hundreds of users are now making their own version of the drink by swapping out different ingredients.

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