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The police were quite surprised to discover that a recent shipment destined for a Nespresso factory in Switzerland contained not only coffee, but also 500 kilos of cocaine.

Inside the coffee storage containers were also $50 million worth of drugs. Swiss police raided the facility on Monday after workers discovered an undetermined white substance while unloading bags of freshly delivered coffee beans.

Over 1,100 pounds of cocaine were discovered in five shipping containers. Police say it was all delivered within a day by train and was 80% pure.


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After further investigation, authorities said they believe the shipment originated in Brazil and was destined for the European market. Although the drugs are stored in the containers, Nespresso said in a statement that the product is still safe.

“The substance in question did not come into contact with any of our products or production equipment used to manufacture our products,” Nespresso said in a statement. “As a police investigation is ongoing, we cannot share further details. We want to reassure consumers that all of our products are safe to consume.”

The discovery shook the city of Fribourg, Switzerland a bit, with the city’s security chief calling it an “exceptional” find.

“This is the first time we’ve made such a discovery,” said Marc Andrey, the city’s chief security officer. according to Euronews. “I think it’s also one of the biggest seizures in Switzerland.”

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