Modeste from Cologne celebrates his goal against Bielefeld by promoting his own brand of coffee, the DFB opens a disciplinary investigation

The French striker could find himself in trouble after handing out bags of a product he endorses to supporters during a Bundesliga game

Anthony Modeste faces disciplinary action for a bizarre goal celebration after the Cologne striker chose to promote his own brand of coffee by handing out free samples to supporters during a Bundesliga clash with Arminia Bielefeld.

The 34-year-old leader has been on form again this season, with a goal found 20 times in all competitions.

He’s had plenty of practice when it comes to toasting an effort that finds the back of the net, but he went too far on his last outing and could find himself in hot water with the German Football Association (DFB).

Why did Modeste distribute coffee samples after scoring a goal?

The French striker gave Cologne a 2-1 lead in the 43rd minute of their game against Arminia and staged a carefully choreographed celebration.

He pulled out a bag from his own cafe and presented it to fans, cameramen and photographers.

Modeste then tossed the bag into the crowd, before handing out more samples to supporters at the final whistle.

In an effort to explain his actions, an experienced performer said: “It was a little thank you to the people, they always supported me. Because I can’t give away my jersey, I gave away my coffee.

Cologne manager Steffen Baumgart admitted to reporters afterwards that he expected Modeste to be punished, recounting a remarkable incident: “It’s always complicated in football. You don’t have to get too excited. Otherwise, you’ll get kicked in the face, that’s what I experienced.

Anthony Modeste Cologne coffee 2021-22


What is the name of Modeste’s coffee brand?

The Frenchman’s coffee brand is simply called Anthony Modeste Kaffee and is made using ingredients sourced from Brazil and India.

A product description reads: “The best varieties of raw coffee from around the world are selected by our coffee experts and gently roasted in small batches.

“We refine fresh coffee every day using the traditional drum roasting process. This long-lasting roasting makes our coffee particularly aromatic and digestible.

“This allows the coffee to develop its unmistakable taste and aroma.”

Will Modeste face disciplinary sanctions?

The DFB have yet to decide whether Modeste will face disciplinary action for her coffee-themed celebration, but they are opening an investigation.

Anton Nachreiner, chairman of the DFB control committee, told the organization official site: “We will investigate the process.”

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