Lemongrass Orange Juice Coffee Recipe: Why Orange Juice and Coffee Work Together

Since then, people have started trying the citrus coffee combination with incredibly refreshing results. This includes Vince Nguyen, the founder of new Los Angeles-based coffee roaster Nam Coffee.

Nguyen has been around coffee all his life. “I helped my mom with a coffee cart when I lived in Vietnam,” he explains, “so I’ve loved Vietnamese coffee all my life.” But when he moved to the United States, he struggled to find beans from his home country. He missed the captivating smell of Vietnam’s robusta beans and its strong, dazzling flavor. So he decided to create his own brand of Vietnamese coffee and bring the flavors to the United States, for himself and other Vietnamese immigrants.

The brand currently has three roasts: Dalat, District One and Orange County, all named after places important to Nguyen.

“Part of me starting this brand is that I want to uplift Vietnamese culture and people,” Nguyen says. This includes showing consumers that Vietnamese coffee is not a one-note drink that only works with condensed milk.

Nguyen began experimenting with citrus coffee when he paired lemon juice with his coffee, hoping for a refreshing twist to his favorite caffeinated drink. What was needed, however, was more gentleness. Inspired by his Orange County coffee, he opted for orange juice.

Orange County, which is a blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta, is bold enough to resist the fresh scent of orange juice without overpowering it. The two create a sweet and bitter balance that is the perfect marriage of America’s favorite breakfast drinks. To make it a bit more Vietnamese, Nguyen added lemongrass.

“Lemongrass is a signature ingredient in Vietnam, Thailand, and throughout Southeast Asia,” says Nguyen. “I’ve had lemongrass in tea before, so I always considered it a tea drink, but what if it was in coffee?”

The combination, for Nguyen, sums up the perfect summer drink. “It’s just something different that the community should try,” Nguyen encourages.

So if you’ve seen videos of orange flavored cold brew or espresso being added to tall glasses of orange juice, this is your sign to try this new coffee trend. It just might become your next favorite way to start your morning.

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