Jimmy Butler’s Big Face coffee brand is now live


Ever since Jimmy Butler sold $ 20 coffees in his hotel room, we’ve been anxious to see what the favorite barista turned NBA superstar would do with Big Face Coffee, his fledgling coffee brand. And on October 1, International Coffee Day, we got a glimpse of what the Big Face brand is all about.

It’s safe to say this is not your traditional coffee business.

On their new website, Big Face promotes itself as a “culturally changing coffee brand simultaneously providing specialty coffee to connoisseurs and presenting the mainstream consumer with top specialty coffee.” If the initial release is any indication, the brand seems to refresh that mission via a mix of streetwear with a touch of NFT, all tied to coffee. In addition to essentials such as t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, which range in price from $ 48 to $ 120, featuring the Big Face logo (reminiscent of the Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex), the brand also has a range of cups and tumblers.

Matching Merchandise (via Big Face Coffee)

From there, things get a bit pricey. Let’s take a look at the rest of the gear from Big Face Coffee’s October launch.

BF Road Kit $ 25,000

big face coffee road kit
Road Kit (via Big Face Coffee)

If you have a few extra Ks (maybe you did well this month on SpeshCoin) you can go for the BF Road Kit, a $ 25,000 suitcase / travel kit that includes a scale, hand grinder. manual, Fellow electric kettle, Chemex, logo mugs, “BF X01 / X02 mixed beans” and various other products and supplies.

Go to the lab $ 100,000

large face coffee lab box
Go Lab (via Big Face Coffee)

If you are more of an espresso fan, then maybe the $ 100,000 Go Lab is for you. The mobile espresso station includes a La Marzocco Linea Mini, Swift Mini grinder, Fellow kettle, Chemex, logo mugs, ‘the four varieties of BF beans’ and products and supplies, all in a travel box with sturdy casters.

Coffee + NFT $ 500 box

nft coffee large face box
Coffee + NFT box (via Big Face Coffee)

For those who are just looking to try coffee, the first version of Big Face is a limited edition box set of four different varieties of coffee. Information on the coffees in the set is limited, but X01 and X02 both appear to be blends (185g of each are provided in the set), and the other two are listed as COE, suggesting that they are This is Cup of Excellence auction lots (both 100g per). According to the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website, Big Face purchased three lots from COE 2021 in Honduras. Limited to a total of 500 units, the limited edition box set includes “Bigface non-fungible artwork” and can be purchased for $ 500.

Stepping out of the door offering mostly very high-end items is certainly a bold strategy, and one that sets Big Face apart as a brand in the specialty coffee space. Tokens are not fungible, that’s what we know, but the future is still impossible to predict. Will it pay off for them? What’s next for Big Face Coffee?

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