Jadakiss launches a coffee brand with his father and son

The price of Jadakiss today is certainly not the price of yesterday.

The legendary rap artist and entrepreneur recently announced the launch of his coffee brand Kiss Cafe, which is the latest addition to his burgeoning successful juice bar business empire.

Alongside his father, Bob Phillips, a coffee industry veterinarian, and his son, Jadakiss aims to create generational wealth when launching the new brand.

“When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to school and give me a light, sweet coffee with a buttery bun,” he explained in an interview with Ebony Magazine. “I just liked the taste of it. But as I started working out and becoming more health conscious, I really started enjoying coffee. Drinking it would help me get all my radio interviews and I started seeing the other benefits of it which made me start liking it more.

“I was just intrigued by the depth of a cup of coffee,” he continued in the Ebony.com interview. “There’s a lot going on with coffee, like how it’s grown, picked and sourced, and the different regions where it grows. There are so many things about coffee that the world probably doesn’t know. I wanted to have that connection with him and get out of my realm. I could have gone into the liquor business or done something in the cannabis industry. Instead of going down those paths, I wanted to do this, especially with my dad and my son.

Created with “honesty and accessibility”, Kiss Cafe is “ground, pressed and brewed [for] every sip [to commemorate] a story passed down. Jadakiss describes coffee as a universal and personal thing that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or background, as reported by The Grio.

The first Beijo flavor is available exclusively online via the brand’s website (KissCafeCoffee.com) for $14.99.

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