India’s Rage Coffee relies on vitamin infusions and fuller flavor to triple sales

Rage Coffee produces instant coffee formulated with six plant-derived vitamins, which work synergistically with caffeine to provide energy without the jitters. The goal was also to produce high quality coffee to replicate the experience in cafes.

Its founder, Bharat Sethi, told FoodNavigator-Asia and NutraIngredients-Asia, that there is a huge gap in the market for high-quality coffee, especially in tier two and tier three cities in India.

As most of the high quality coffee in India is imported, Sethi decided to start a local business to compete with international brands.

Among the growing coffee culture in India, instant coffee was the fastest growing segment. The target audience for Rage Coffee are young consumers (18 to 34 years old) who are looking for high quality, affordable and convenient coffee.

Taste and aroma

According to Sethi, taste and aroma were key to creating the great coffee that consumers were looking for.

For taste he used Arabica beans which Sethi claims few brands used for instant coffee at that time.

Additionally, most instant coffees tend to be processed in large quantities and spray dried or freeze dried. Spray drying requires the coffee extract to be sprayed into hot air, which dries the droplets and turns them into a fine powder. Freeze-drying involves freezing the coffee extract and cutting it into small fragments before drying it at a low temperature.

As a general rule, making large batches and spray drying creates less aromatics and flavoring the coffee, while also reducing the intensity of the caffeine, which people appreciate.

Instead, Rage Coffee uses a small batch crystallization freeze-drying process that helps keep the aromatics intact, preserving quality, flavor as well as caffeine.

Rage Coffee products contain 90 to 120 mg of caffeine per serving, while instant coffee on the market can contain around 60 mg.

Vitamin shot

Although it is a coffee product, the company decided to infuse vitamins.

The six vitamins come from all over the world, including L-Theanine, Panax Ginseng from South Korea, L-Glutamine and Bacopa Monnieri from India, Rhodiola Rosea from Siberia and Ginkgo Biloba from Indonesia.

These vitamins have many functions ranging from balancing anxiety to improving blood circulation, working efficiency and reducing nervousness, especially in people who are sensitive to caffeine.

The method is correct, but Sethi told us that some of the vitamins were infused at the time of liquefaction while others at the homogenization stage.

Rage Coffee is currently retailing several SKUs of its basic coffee product which comes in different flavors, as well as a shot of coffee in a biodegradable bottle.

The photo targeted consumers who wanted to drink coffee on the go,

This is our staple coffee product, for people who take it to the gym, the office or while travelingSethi said.

The company has around 40 ingredient suppliers ensuring a stable supply chain, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, which, Sethi added, has caused coffee consumption to skyrocket in the House.

One of the biggest gaps we found in the market was that no one was using complex flavors to attract customers beyond traditional vanilla and chocolate.“, he added,

Many of our flavors are unique to our consumers, such as toffee, chai, mint chocolate and we use all natural flavors.. “

Positioning itself as a caffeine company, Rage Coffee explores the NPD in chewables, ground coffee, drip bags, caffeinated energy bars, RTD coffee, and coffee supplements.

Sales channels

Rage Coffee deploys an omni-channel approach, selling 50% online and the rest offline.

Online, around 75% of sales are made through its website and 25% through e-commerce platforms. Rage Coffee is available on all major online platforms in India.

For offline, it targets non-metropolitan cities and penetrates regional supermarkets and retail stores where big brands are not present. The products are available in more than 600 points of sale.

The company recently entered the United States through Amazon. It also has a small amount of distribution in UAE and Australia.

The company recently raised an undisclosed amount of growth capital from Getvantage and closed a round of funding led by Refex Capital, an early stage venture capital firm registered at SEBI with the participation of members of the network of angel investors – Keiretsu Forum Chennai – and other leading investors. Last year.

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