Iconic European Coffee Brand Tchibo Celebrates First Anniversary in US With Million Bag Gift

“We couldn’t think of a more fitting thank you to our growing customer base in the United States, than to prioritize them with blends specifically designed for the American palette,” said Chris Mattina, CEO of Rainmaker Food Solutions, LLC. “We want as many people as possible to taste what makes Tchibo so special, and what better way than to provide a whole bag of perfectly roasted coffee for free!” “

Tchibo entered the U.S. market in 2020 in eight Midwestern markets and quickly dotted the shelves of major retailers, including Meijer, Jewel-Osco, and Spartan Nash stores such as FamilyFare and Buschs, totaling nearly 2,700 distribution points. In an effort to disrupt the highly competitive coffee space, Tchibo launched an irreverent marketing campaign with billboards, advertisements and social media campaigns, with tongue-in-cheek slogans such as “Hello TChicago,” ” The T is Silent, The Freshness Isn ‘t “and” Sent to Finishing School in Europe“, among others. Tchibo has also engaged in experiential pop-ups through Chicago for International Coffee Month and the upcoming Christkindlmarket.

The Million Bag Giveaway is another innovative marketing initiative designed to “bring brand awareness” to coffee connoisseurs across the country. What sets Tchibo apart is its commitment to a more sustainable and fresher coffee experience. Tchibo is distributed by Rainmaker Food Solutions, LLC, a distribution partner renowned for providing consumers with better food choices in a responsible, honest, contemporary and sustainable manner. The four varieties of Tchibo created specifically for the US market are Morning Blend, Colombia Origin, Classic Blend and Röstmeister.

Customers have the choice of bean or ground coffee as part of the Million Bag Giveaway. To learn more about Tchibo, visit Tchibo.com; follow on Instagram and Facebook.

About Tchibo

Founded in 1949, Tchibo has delighted coffee connoisseurs for over 70 years, becoming the # 1 coffee in Europe. Now available in the United States and shipped everywhere Europe, Tchibo is the market leader for roasted coffee in several European countries. In addition to coffee products, Tchibo operates a wide range of non-food businesses in Europe with a large retail branch operating in over 900 stores, 24,300 outlets in third party outlets and online stores. Tchibo has 11,450 employees worldwide and has generated revenues of over $ 3.6 billion in 2019.

The Tchibo difference is rooted in the RÖST FRISCH concept, redefining what it means to be fresh. From growing and harvesting to roasting and packaging, every step of the Tchibo process is “fresher by design” and dedicated to creating exquisitely fresh coffee that consumers can enjoy at home. . Tchibo recognizes that having a healthy planet is imperative to getting the freshest, most sustainable coffee. With a global headquarters in Hamburg, the family business has been recognized with numerous awards for its sustainable and fair practices, including the Business Ethics Award and the Environmental Logistics Award and the European Union CSR Award. In 2016, Tchibo was awarded germany most sustainable large company. Learn more about Tchibo.com; follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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