Iconic Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons opens its first outlet in India

Canada’s iconic coffee and bakery brand established in 1964, Tim Hortons, opens its first retail location in India today, August 11. market, including a taste of their signature drinks like creamy and rich French vanilla, Iced Capp – a blended iced coffee drink. In addition to drinks, made-to-order meals and baked goods, including delicious bite-sized traditional donuts called Timbits, will be available. Cafes at Select Citywalk Mall (Saket) and DLF Cyberhub (Gurugram) will feature warm, cozy interiors and a welcoming environment inspired by the brand’s Canadian origins.

Tim Hortons in India opens part of an exclusive agreement with a joint venture owned by Apparel Group and Gateway Partners. AG Cafe International Management LTD, the brand’s master franchisee in India, will celebrate the opening of the chain’s first two Delhi NCR locations with a launch event inaugurated by HE Canada’s Ambassador to India, Cameron MacKay.

“We are very excited to bring Tim Hortons to India.” said Thiago Santelmo, President RBI EMEA, parent company of Tim Hortons.

“With over 55 years of coffee experience, Tim Hortons has captured the hearts and taste buds of Canadians, and we’re confident our customers in India will love our premium coffee and food. Entering India shows our continued commitment to serving more customers across the globe. world.”

HE Cameron MacKay, High Commissioner of Canada to India, said, “Millions of Canadians have enjoyed Tim Hortons for decades – now is the time to share with India! The long-awaited launch of Tim Hortons here is a sign of the close relationship between Canada and India, and between Canadians and Indians. Indians can now taste what is essential to growing up in Canada, and we are extremely proud to support their arrival.

Canada’s largest restaurant chain operating in the fast food industry, believes international expansion has become a growing priority for the brand. Over the past few years, the brand has introduced its beloved offerings to customers beyond Canada and the United States. Currently, Tim Hortons has more than 5,300 restaurants in 13 countries, including the Middle East, China, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and the Philippines.

“In March 2022, we announced our intention to open hundreds of stores in India over the next ten years. Today’s news is the first step in this exciting commitment. Tim Hortons isn’t just a popular coffee chain, it’s an experience. We are starting with Delhi NCR and will be opening outlets in Punjab state in the coming months. I’d like to thank our employees and partners for their trust and dedication to making this happen,” said Navin Gurnaney, Tim Hortons India Franchise CEO. .

Gurnaney has over 40 years of expertise in the retail, real estate and hospitality sectors and has effectively increased the business growth of companies in India, Europe and the United States. IANSlife spoke to Gurnaney for more details:

Read excerpts:

How important is the Indian market to Tim Hortons?

Navin: With over five decades of coffee expertise, Tim Hortons is Canada’s global brand with a presence in over 5,100 locations in 13 countries. The iconic coffee brand is well known for its coffee, fresh produce, baked goods and donuts. When we first opened our doors in 1964, our founder Tim Horton’s mission was to create “a place anyone can go anytime and feel at home.”

Our entry into India is very crucial and will represent the brand’s 4th country in the APAC region, which already has more than 350 stores. With our launch in India, we will build on another successful international expansion after China, Saudi Arabia and the UK. The Indian coffee market is expected to grow to over $4.2 billion by 2025, with out-of-home consumption accounting for around 20% of the market. India’s retail coffee chain market is expected to reach the $850 million mark by 2025. India is therefore an important market for Tim Hortons. We are deeply committed to investing in the growth and progress of the community in India.

What are your launch and expansion plans, how many outlets in cities do you intend to roll out by the end of this year?

Navin: We are extremely excited about going into India. We will start operations from the country’s capital and move further north. After the two Delhi NCR stores, we plan to expand further in Punjab and other parts of the country. We have already identified many sites in the northern part of India, 10 of which will open by the end of December in the NCR and Punjab region. By spring next year, we plan to expand into western India. Our goal is to expand our footprint to several hundred stores over the next 10 years in India, focusing on coverage of metros, tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Are there any Indian specific dishes on the menu?

Navin: Yes, our research indicates that consumers are looking for an international drink experience, but when it comes to food, they want something that has a local flavor. Thanks to this idea, our menu offers a healthy mix of tasty international and Indian food offerings. Our wraps are topped with seekh lamb and paneer tikka. One of our eclectic fusion dishes is ravioli pasta with the popular local palate of makhni sauce. We have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on our food menu, to suit most preferences. Along with this, customers can enjoy our signature cheese fondues as well as a variety of customizable sandwiches. While we cater to the global aspirations of Indians, we will also differentiate ourselves by offering localized variations in our food range that will also appeal to the Indian palette.

In terms of price, where do you see yourself and who is your target audience?

Navin: We are a premium brand with a balanced pricing approach. We have a wide range of prices in all categories so that everyone can enjoy Tim Hortons in their own way and according to their needs. Although our stores are open to everyone, we believe that India has many passionate Gen Z and Millennials who understand our brand and have probably experienced it while traveling in other parts of the world. Because they are driven by thinking and need an inspiring space to achieve their dreams, Tim Hortons will be a perfect place for them.

Your favorite product?

Navin: Well, it’s really hard to choose from so many of our signature offerings. But, my perfect combination is a melted five-cheese sandwich with a hot, steaming cup of creamy, rich French vanilla.

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