How to Make Authentic South Indian Filter Coffee (Video Recipe Inside)

Whether as an energizer after lunch or as a refreshing drink in the morning, coffee holds a special place in our hearts. Filter coffee is a popular drink made with the perfect blend of coffee, water, milk and sugar. The drink is a must-have, especially to accompany a delicious South Indian restaurant-style meal of dishes such as Idli, Dosa, Parotta and more. But did you know that filter coffee can be easily brewed at home with just a few simple steps and with the most basic ingredients?

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What do you need to make authentic South Indian filter coffee?

Caffeine addicts rejoice because here we have the simplest and most delicious recipe for filter coffee. This authentic South Indian filter coffee is brewed using a special filter coffee maker for best results. This can easily be purchased at your local general store or even online. To begin with, the filter coffee maker must be cleaned properly and absolutely dry. Then the recipe calls for about two teaspoons of coffee powder per cup and about half a cup of hot water. Milk and sugar can be added to taste.

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How to make South Indian filter coffee?

Simply add the two teaspoons of coffee powder to the filter coffee maker. Close the coffee section as shown in the video. Then pour half a cup of water over the coffee powder and let it slowly filter through the bottom half of the machine. Let the machine sit for about 15 to 20 minutes to obtain a deliciously frothy and hot coffee brew, ready to use.

Transfer the coffee mixture to a cup and add sugar and milk to taste. Mix well and enjoy hot! Your regular cup of coffee will never taste the same again.

Watch the full filter coffee recipe video here:

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