Hotel Chocolat unveils a new coffee machine – and you can get 180 coffee pods for free

Coffee lovers, listen up! Hotel Chocolat has teamed up with Dualit to bring us their very first coffee machine – and we’re obsessed

Hotel Chocolat’s new coffee machine has arrived – and it’s beautiful

Now, you may have heard us talk about Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser a few times, but now it’s time for their latest invention – The Podster.

The chocolate brand has teamed up with Dualit to bring us their first-ever coffee machine, featuring a sleek matte gray finish with stunning gold detailing – it really is love at first cup.

The Podstar has been designed to sit alongside the brand’s famous Velvetiser and is compatible with Hotel Chocolat’s sustainable coffee pods as well as Nespresso pods.

The best part? When you buy the coffee machine, you get 180 coffee pods for free in an exclusive bundle for early risers – how good is that?

Hotel Chocolat’s ‘The Podster’ costs £149.95 and you can complete the collection with the brand’s choice of coffee mugs – our personal favorite is the Hug coffee mug for £12.

You can get 180 free coffee pods of your choice with your purchase

They also have a deal right now, which gives you two cups for £20 when you mix and match.

It might seem a little strange for a chocolate brand to enter the world of coffee, however, Hotel Chocolat has already made strides in the world of coffee with its range of pods. However, the feature that really sets this machine apart from other models is the “Podcyler”.

The Podcyler is a gadget that comes with every machine. It is designed to make it easier to recycle coffee pods at home by eco-squeezing the pods after use.

By fully eco-squeezing the pods, it removes all the coffee grounds, so the empty aluminum crate can go straight into household recycling. You can even use the coffee grounds to enrich your garden or hot compost them.

Choose from five unique coffee blends on offer, or opt for a blend so you can tailor your cup to your mood. There’s even a strength meter on the Hotel Chocolat website to make choosing your desired blend easy.

Now back to one of our favorite products of the year – Hotel Chocolat velvet. If you’ve been looking for one of these beauties for a while, now’s the perfect opportunity to add her to your Christmas wishlist this year.


The Velvetiser is the perfect Christmas gift for any hot chocolate lover

And, if you’re going all out, you can also pick up the Velvetiser Kit for £15 less when bought with the Velvetiser itself.

The kits contain everything you need to create the perfect hot chocolate at home. We suggest you choose The Everything Hot Chocolate Selection if you want to try different flavors.

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