Hôtel Chocolat: 6 reasons to buy a homemade coffee machine

Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee with a home coffee machine

Is there anything more irresistible than a hot one Cup of coffee in the morning? Whether you are an espresso lover or a latte lover, the aroma of a freshly brewed cup is sure to awaken all your senses. Buying a home coffee machine can seem a bit extravagant at first. But for those who can’t start their day without a dose of caffeine, or who love to sip coffee throughout the day, this could be a worthwhile investment.

Are you wondering if a home coffee machine is the right gadget for you? Here are some advantages that can help you decide.


Reasons to buy a home coffee machine

1. You love coffee!

Coffee can be a necessity that helps you get out of bed. Or maybe, like us, you just love the coffee experience.

We may be known for our high cocoa chocolate, but we are also passionate about delicious and ethical coffee beans. Our Rabot Estate coffee blends explore all the nuanced flavors coffee has to offer – mellow Cashmere, with its delicate notes of freshly baked brioche, to our Rocket variety which combines subtle tones of leather and tobacco with a hint of exquisite dark chocolate.

A home coffee machine gives you the chance to try different types of coffee and find the one that makes your heart sing. Satisfy those coffee cravings in the most delicious way. We all deserve a treat, and if coffee is your passion, be sure to enjoy the best.

2. It’s fast and convenient

Often times, with a home coffee machine, a refreshing cup is never just a push of a button. It is true that some more advanced espresso machines may require a bit more planning. You may need to grind the coffee beans and weigh the amount you need to get the perfect brew.

But don’t worry – if you’re looking for a convenient way to get your coffee fix, a coffee pod machine might be the quick fix. The coffee pods are ready to use, with the optimum amount of freshly ground coffee weighed, packed and ready to go. We seal our Rabot Estate coffee pods made of recyclable aluminum to keep precious floors as cool as possible.

All you have to do is insert the pod into the coffee machine chamber, press a button, and watch the machine work its magic. Ideal for a quick cup when instant coffee won’t cut it.

Some coffee machines even have timers so you can schedule your brew. This feature is ideal if you need that first cup of coffee to start your day. You can program the machine the night before to wake you up with that delicious aroma.


3. It’s more affordable than going to a cafe

If you find yourself at a local cafe to grab take out coffee on your way to work, the cost can quickly add up. The occasional latte or mocha can be an inexpensive treat. But if you get one every day, you might be better off spending that money on a home coffee machine.

A home coffee machine might have an upfront cost, but it can turn out to be cheaper in the long run. With the right care and maintenance, a good coffee machine can last up to 10 years.

What about the coffee itself? You will have to pay for the coffee beans or the pods. However, when you break them down, these can be as little as pennies per cup, especially if you buy larger packs. You can also save money by shopping for coffee beans rather than pre-ground. Whole coffee beans stay fresher longer, so you can minimize wastage by grind yours.

4. You can get your beer the way you like it

The way you drink your coffee can be personal. We all have our preferences. Maybe you like a strong espresso or you prefer a unique mocha. No matter how you like your coffee, a home machine can make sure you get the perfect cup for you.

5. Guests will appreciate

If you like to entertain, a home coffee machine is a great way to impress your guests. From a cup of tea to accompany your book club to an after-dinner espresso, a coffee machine guarantees your friends and loved ones a quality brew.

You can even use your home coffee machine to make sure you get the best base for a Expresso Martini. Add a little irresistibly smooth milk mounted in the Velvet, and your cocktails will be talked about!


6. You’ll use fewer take-out cups

Frequenting a cafe for your coffee to go usually involves using a disposable cup. Of course, you can use a storage cup, and we highly recommend purchasing one for on the go. However, it’s also easy to forget to store a cup in your bag or rinse it between uses. With a home coffee machine, you can brew enough barista-quality coffee to fill a cup or flask and drink as you like.

And if you work from home or tend to bring take out food from the comfort of your own kitchen, a coffee maker will eliminate the need to go out to a cafe. There will also be less waiting time!

Choosing a home coffee machine

If you have decided that a home coffee machine would be a great option for you, you might be wondering which type to choose. Families who enjoy drinking their coffee together might benefit from a filter coffee machine. These allow you to brew a large carafe of black coffee. Or maybe you live alone or drink your coffee separately. In that case, a single serve coffee pod machine might be best.

The Podster is our latest innovation. Designed by Hotel Chocolat and designed by Dualit, it is a stylish addition to any kitchen and gives you barista-quality coffee in minutes. Compatible with our Rabot Estate coffee pods and our standard Nespresso pods, each comes with a Podcycler. This nifty gadget removes used coffee, stacks and crushes pods so you can put them straight into your household recycling.

Delicious, fresh coffee that doesn’t cost the Earth.

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