Here’s how to brew a perfect cup of the internet’s favorite quarantine drink

COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, has taken the world by storm, infecting thousands of people around the world. The contagious pandemic has prompted many countries to declare nationwide closures, forcing people to sit at home to contain the spread of the virus. Indeed, the situation is chaotic and can sometimes make you lose your temper, but people have found ways to stay happier and more cheerful even in difficult times. These days, every social media platform is filled with photos of people who in their spare time make themselves happy in dark times. Whether it’s following their forgotten passion or offering challenges to their friends, people are sharing everything on social media and setting trends.

One of those trends that is surfacing on the internet is brewing a delicious cup of Dalgona coffee. A South Korean smoothie drink, Dalgona coffee has become a favorite pastime for many people amid the lockdown. It is not only a visually pleasing drink, but also a very easy to prepare mixture that can be made with the simplest ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. Do you also want to brag about your ability to make Dalgona Coffee on your social networks? Here’s everything you need to know about Dalgona coffee, and you can brew it while quarantining it at home.

What is Dalgona coffee?

A smoothie coffee drink that takes its name from a type of Korean sweet, Dalgona coffee is among the latest food trends that have taken over the internet. Although the concept of whipped coffee is no stranger to us Indians, as we were already introduced with “Phenti Hui coffee” or “beaten coffee” a long time ago. With the most favorite places to socialize closed due to the nationwide lockdown, people are ready to try their home cooking and Dalgona coffee is just a simple drink that only requires 3 ingredients – powder of coffee, sugar and milk and save time (the time we have due to quarantine) to beat the coffee.

How to make Dalgona coffee


  • Instant coffee

  • Sugar

  • Hot water

  • A spoon (for whipping)

  • Milk

For a single serving of Dalgona coffee, follow these simple steps:

First, add two tablespoons of instant coffee, sugar and hot water, all in the same amount. (You should start with two tablespoons each and increase from there if necessary). Then beat the ingredients together in a bowl until it becomes thicker in consistency like a frothy cream. You need to use hot water for the coffee and sugar to dissolve better and faster. Beat until it turns light brown. Once the batter is ready, take a glass and pour in some cold milk, leaving a 2 inch gap for the frothy whipped cream to rest on the milk. Using a spoon, fill these 2 inches with the creamy layer. You can also sprinkle with cocoa powder to make it visually appealing. Serve it cold and enjoy the taste! And don’t forget to click on an image and upload it to Instagram!

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