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We’re definitely the ‘don’t talk to me until you’ve had my coffee’ type of people, but when you can’t go out to a cafe and have someone make your coffee for you, you have to find ways to do it. make at home. Some home-made cold infusions still find their place (and they can be made ahead, which is a lifesaver), but on the days we miraculously find ourselves with a little extra time in the morning, we love to be a barista. in its own right. We have already tried dalgona coffee, the smoothie and ice cream from Korea that has taken social media by storm, but don’t you know that Giada de Laurentiis, one of our favorite chefs, decided to improve the recipe ?

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As usual, de Laurentiis found a way to give the recipe an Italian touch. Her Dalgona italian iced coffee replaces instant coffee granules with instant espresso powder, which gives it a richer taste. Giada whips the espresso powder with sugar and hot water with a hand mixer until it becomes fluffy and lighter in color. Then she adds lemon zest, which gives the drink a fragrant citrus touch without increasing the acidity of the drink (espresso is often served with a lemon zest in Italy), and whisk an additional minute until the mixture is ultra-thick and can float on a glass of ice milk of your choice.

If you can’t understand the idea of ​​coffee and lemon together, de Laurentiis offers two alternatives. She says you can try using cardamom or cinnamon instead, to add some heat to the drink. Either way, it seems like the perfect way to add a bit of culinary class to a drink typically made with instant coffee.

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