Frank and Honest, first national coffee brand to introduce compostable cups

Communications, Climate Action and Environment Minister Denis Naughten TD announced that Frank and Honest will replace all non-recyclable single-use cups with a new compostable cup and lid from September of this year.

CupPrint and Down2Earth Materials will supply the compostable cups and create 20 new Irish jobs in Ennis and Cork to meet increased production.

The decision to switch to compostable cups has the potential to divert millions of cups of coffee from landfills.

Consumers will be able to throw their compostable coffee cups into domestic brown bins.

Compostable coffee cups can also be organically recycled at commercial composting facilities in Ireland before being converted to renewable energy or fertilizer.

The announcement is part of Centra and SuperValu’s overall sustainability strategy and follows the recent introduction of compostable bags in SuperValu to replace the use of plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable section.

Commenting on the launch of the Frank and Honest compostable coffee mugs, Communications, Climate Action and Environment Minister Denis Naughten TD said:

“I would like to congratulate SuperValu and Centra for making this important commitment. The decision to introduce compostable cups is an important decision that will lead to millions of non-recyclable single-use cups being diverted from landfills every year.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone that supports my policy priorities in the waste area, including my desire to work with industry to ensure the elimination of single-use plastics. I am also very happy to see two Irish companies – CupPrint and Down2Earth Materials – benefit from it. as a result of that.

Pictured is Angela Scanlon as Frank and Honest are excited to announce their commitment to become the first national coffee brand to switch to 100% compostable coffee mugs.

Martin Kelleher, Managing Director of SuperValu and Centra, added:

“As Ireland’s leading grocery and convenience brands, we know that SuperValu and Centra have an important role to play in helping bring more environmentally friendly packaging to consumers.

“We have taken this leadership position to phase out non-recyclable single-use cups and replace them with compostable coffee cups in line with Minister Naughten’s strategy.

In addition, we are actively examining how we can make further improvements in-store and in our supply chain as part of our commitment to make 100% of SuperValu own-brand and fresh packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable here. 2025.

“We have sought out innovative Irish companies to partner with in order to offer a more sustainable coffee cup solution and we are delighted to be working with CupPrint and Down2Earth Materials to achieve this.

“The job creation that this has brought about and the environmental benefits that our switch to compostable coffee mugs will bring will help leave a more positive impact on the communities we serve every day.” “

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