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Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) launched the NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White coffee brand in Kenya.

The company says the decision to offer the new type of coffee was supported by consumer research which found the product to be the most preferred coffee blend recipe, especially because of its creamy sweetness.

The product, which will be packaged in Kenya, will be priced at Ksh.15 per individual sachet, making it the most affordable in its class.

Speaking at the launch, the company’s chief executive, Ng’entu Njeru, revealed that the pricing decision is based on market data indicating increasing coffee consumption among the young urban population, who yearns for a quality coffee within the limit of disposable income.

“Today’s young people are the future. Therefore, smart brands and businesses will be successful by keeping abreast of their needs and meeting their demand for quality products accessible at their income levels, ”Njeru said.

Njeru added that “the latest product was developed as a strategic decision to meet the demands of the emerging category of consumers, commonly referred to as Gen-Z.”

According to Njeru, coffee blends, such as NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White are gaining popularity among young consumers for the convenience they offer, and that it suits the busy lifestyles of young people juggling multiple activities as entrepreneurs. herb, often combined with higher education.

‘Changamkia your potential’ movement for young people

And in line with the company’s Nestlé Needs Youth program, which prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship, including in the food industry, NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White will spearhead an initiative that goes beyond beyond the consumer experience to tap into the ambitions and aspirations of young people.

“As a brand committed to the success of young people, we have a responsibility to get involved in activating their potential to transform their creativity and dynamism into sources of tangible income. To this end, we have launched an initiative called: “Changamkia your potential” which we translate as “Activate your potential”, explained Njeru.

“In this program, NESCAFÉ 3 in1 Creamy White will help young people to prepare and share their ambitions by putting them in contact with business leaders from different spheres who have succeeded in their career path. Plus, we’ll connect them to resources that will allow them to pursue and achieve their business goals.

To kick off the ‘Changamkia Your Potential’ campaign, the brand engaged consumers and young influencers in a high-energy interactive event.

Other initiatives under the company’s sustainability program called “Nestlé Needs Young People” include framework support for entrepreneurship and farming communities. Through the “My Own Business” (MYOBU) project, the company recruits and trains young people to start NESCAFÉ coffee sales businesses in busy market areas.

As part of the NESCAFÉ plan, more than 50,000 local farmers, including more than 8,000 women, have received training in good agricultural practices and financial literacy.

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Ex-pro Russ Downing launches own pop-up coffee brand targeting bike shops – Business Thu, 11 Nov 2021 10:00:12 +0000

Retired professional road cyclist Russ Downing has launched his own brand of coffee, aimed at bicycle shops.

Downing, a former British road racing champion who retired in 2019, has teamed up with tech entrepreneur Tim Hammond to launch Cycle Expresso, a program that encourages bike shops to create their own pop-up café in store.

The new brand comes from Pro Espresso, the distributor of Rocket Espresso machines in the UK, as Downing and Hammond plan to create a network of stores that cyclists can find on the go, using a Cycle Espresso mobile app. .

Downing said: “Everyone knows I love a good cup of coffee, and with my cycling background I am really excited to be a part of this exciting new company to capitalize on the growth of cycling cafes.”

Hammond, owner of Pro Espresso, added: “As the existing UK distributor of the leading brand, Rocket Espresso, we plan to capitalize on its unique identity within the cycling community by inviting cycle shops to have a pop- up Rocket in their store.

“Our mission is to bring more Rocket Espresso machines to bike shops across the UK.”

Cycle Expresso partner stores will be offering a commercial Rocket Espresso machine to serve customers and a consumer Rocket machine demonstration for anyone looking to try a Rocket machine at home.

Downing added: “This is a great opportunity for bike shops as it really puts them on the map to take advantage of the bike cafe boom. It can also bring them new income through the sale of Rocket Espresso machines for the home, as it’s a brand that we know cyclists really love.

Cycle Espresso will soon invite stores to join the network and set up their pop-ups, with participating rides then joining Downing at a “Rocket Ride” social event, alongside other Cycle Espresso ambassadors.

The brand will be open to existing bike shops and cafes as well as new franchise retail stores and mobile outlets, as Cycle Espresso said that there is “significant potential growth in this industry through the advancement. cycling as the sport and hobby of choice for many and the love of better coffee.

Downing is a former GB and Team Sky racer during his 20-year racing career, while Hammond has been investing since establishing his first internet startup in 1996, ultimately selling it for a profit. of $ 18 million.

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Hammond founded Pro Expresso in 2018 to invest in the UK specialty coffee market.

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This top rated coffee machine now under £ 30 Fri, 05 Nov 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Yahoo Life publishers are committed to independently selecting great products at great prices for you. We may receive a share of purchases made through the links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.

We sometimes rely on caffeine more than our closest friends to get through the day, and we’re not ashamed to admit it (okay, a little ashamed!).

But, coffee machines don’t come cheap, especially not when your demanding pallet will only take the authentic stuff.

So if you wanted to take your instant coffee to something a little more extra, can we suggest you scroll through the early Black Friday sales.

Many British brands including Boots, Super drug and Curries have already launched Black Friday deals, offering a wide range of household items at more affordable rates.

Concrete example, the Bosch Tassimo Style Coffee Machine of Currys PC World has now been reduced to just £ 29, from £ 79.99.

That’s a whopping £ 50.99 off. Has brewing a cup of coffee ever seemed ridiculous to you?

The nifty gadget, available in black, white, cream and red, includes Intellibrew technology to ensure your coffee tastes and aromas balanced.

Just slip in a disc, push the button and let the machine do the rest. In addition, to save energy, it automatically turns off when not in use.

Bosch Tassimo Style Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo Style Coffee Machine

£ 29 £ 79.99 at Currys

You can buy T DISCs in a variety of flavors online and at your local supermarkets. There are over 70 varieties of coffee and hot drinks from your favorite brands including Costa, Kenco, Twinings, Cadbury and more.

Includes dishwasher-safe parts, cleaning the coffee machine is hassle-free. In addition, the automatic cleaning and descaling programs ensure that the machine always operates optimally.

And if you’re not already looking for your credit card, here are some opinions from previous buyers to push you over the line.

What the critics are saying:

With over 800 reviews, with the majority being five stars, it’s safe to say this is a bargain you can’t miss.

  • “Excellent coffee maker, nice latte in a few minutes. Does not take up too much space, excellent value for money. “

  • “I love the selection of colors you have. It’s so quick and easy to use. I can get tons of flavored drinks, coffees, chocolates. 100% great job.”

  • “I love my Tassimo machine, it pairs with the rest of my cream accessories, and I love how easy it is to make my favorite baileys latte macchiato every morning.”

  • “I have tried the other competing brands and they just don’t compare, since I got my Tassimo just 2 months ago we have gone through over 100 cups.”

  • “Easy to use, lots of flavors available! Good value for money.”

  • “Small, compact machine ideal for small kitchens.”

  • “It’s very easy to use and makes a perfect cup / mug of coffee.”

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Try this Pumpkin Dalgona Coffee Recipe from a Hudson Valley Foodie Tue, 02 Nov 2021 13:34:21 +0000
Photos courtesy of Kaitlin Magno

Top your pumpkin spice lattes with whipped Dalgona coffee, using this vegan recipe from Hudson Valley food blogger Kaitlin Magno.

Do you remember Dalgona coffee? It’s the fun, frothy, whipped iced coffee that has gone viral on TikTok – cookies from Squid game are quite another thing.

This pandemic phenomenon continues in a delicious recipe from a gourmet in the Hudson Valley. Kaitlin Magno, resident of Fishkill, herbal chef and founder of the food blog Phok meat, gives a PSL twist to the whipped coffee craze.

Pumpkin Dalgona Coffee

For 1 person


2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons of instant espresso
1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, allspice)
½ teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
tsp turmeric (optional)
2-4 tablespoons of pure maple syrup
16 ounces of milk of your choice