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When you think about brewing your latte or morning cup of coffee, you imagine every step of the way. Boil the kettle, grind your coffee, steam the milk, etc. Lavazza has released a coffee maker that lets you brew your morning brew just using your voice.

In case you haven’t seen the smart coffee machine, here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Lavazza smart coffee machine?

Lavazza has partnered with Amazon to launch the Advanced Coffee Machine. The product works like a regular pod coffee machine, but with a twist – it integrates Amazon’s Alexa. The new espresso machine, called A Modo Mio Voicy, is the first coffee machine with a built-in intelligent assistant.

For comparison, existing smart coffee machines are much less advanced. While there aren’t many options to choose from, the products available are much more basic coffee makers. They use the traditional filter method to brew coffee, rather than the pod method. Plus, these machines can only be controlled by your existing Alexa devices, rather than having the assistant built in.

What can Lavazza’s smart coffee machine do?

Since the A Modo Mio Voicey has Alexa built into the machine, it is a very different experience from other smart coffee machines. Rather than shouting “Alexa, make me latte” to your smart speaker on the windowsill, you can speak directly into the coffee machine itself. And, of course, the coffee machine will answer you right away.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Voice

Image Credit: Lavazza

Plus, you can use the coffee machine instead of a smart speaker in the kitchen and use all the usual Alexa functions. This means you can ask your coffee maker what the weather is like, play “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” to wake up well before you go, or whisper other sweet words to yourself. It’s almost like having your own barista (or butler) at home.

Of course, the machine can still make espresso along with all of its high-tech functions – it wouldn’t be a very good coffee machine if it wasn’t. Rather than dealing with complicated dials and switches or in-app settings, you can control your coffee settings with your voice. You will be able to tell the machine at what temperature you want your coffee and how strong you want it too.

A Modo Mio voice module

Image Credit: Lavazza

Other extras for the coffee machine come from the companion app for ios Where Android. You can order new coffee pods, track the number of coffees you drink, and adjust machine settings. Of course, if you want to fully enjoy the Alexa experience, as a smart assistant add new pods to your Amazon cart and buy them with your voice.

Just in case things don’t go as planned, the coffee machine has buttons as well. These buttons will allow you to prepare your morning infusion in the most traditional way (without your voice). You can control Alexa’s volume.

Where can I buy the Alexa compatible coffee machine?

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy is currently available at Lavazza itself and other online retailers, including Amazon. Unfortunately the machine is currently only available in the UK so you will need to have it shipped overseas. We expect Lavazza to launch the product in the United States at a later date, but this is unconfirmed.

The price of A Modo Mio Voicy compares reasonably with other not-so-smart pod coffee machines on the market. Most other machines cost about the same, so you get all the extra features for the same price.

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Lavazza also offers the machine as part of a pod subscription, if you prefer to pay monthly. The subscription will send you new pods every month and you will also pay for the coffee machine every month.

Is Lavazza’s smart coffee machine good?

While we haven’t tested Lavazza’s A Modo Mio Voicy, we have a pretty good idea of ​​how well the machine performs. You might be quite surprised.

Lavazza promises real Italian espresso from the machine, but that’s not quite what you’ll get. As anyone who has ever used a pod coffee machine knows, the reality is not quite the same as a real espresso. Pod machines can come close, but they can’t completely mimic reality.

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Fortunately, Lavazza produces some of the best coffee machines on the market. So if a coffee machine has a chance to fight, this is it. That said, anyone who isn’t a regular coffee drinker probably won’t notice too much of a difference either, so the A Modo Mio Voicy is a safe bet.

“Alexa, make me a latte”

With Lavazza’s latest and best coffee machine, you can mimic the experience of going to a cafe from your own kitchen.

While coffee probably isn’t as good as coffee, it’s the perfect product for those new to coffee or looking to upgrade their smart home.


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