DTC Coffee Brand Apostle Screens Potential Subscribers Based on ‘Conscientious Referrals’ | New

A direct-to-consumer coffee brand has launched an invite-only subscription service where potential members must prove their “hard credentials” before they are allowed to sign up.

Potential subscribers of Apostle Coffee’s new membership service should take a ‘How Green Are You?’ quiz to test their ‘eco-knowledge’ with only those ‘scoring high enough’ allowed to become a ‘Coffee Apostle’.

“Members will only be invited to subscribe if they prove their sustainability credentials or receive a recommendation from existing members,” the brand said.

“The invitation-only subscription service allows Apostle to control the growth of [our] membership and backup [our] environmental promises and commitments,” he added.

The company said other coffee brands “seek to profit from unsustainable growth and scale”, while it “will never surpass its 5,000 members”.

Subscribers also benefit from the Apostle Points rewards program, through which accumulated points can be used for future purchases or subscription renewals.

Roasting was launched in 2016 and its entire range is certified organic and carbon neutral. The facility is described as off-grid, with power generated on-site via a dedicated wind turbine and solar panels.

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