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De’longhi is the Italian home appliance company best known for delivering a barista-quality coffee experience at home through a range of high-end coffee machines.

I recently reviewed their Magnifica EVO Titan, a fully automatic coffee machine which, after setting it up, offers a variety of options for coffee lovers or those who just want hot water for a cup of tea. or frothed milk for that late night cup. of chocolate.

Setup can be quite difficult, especially after going through their multilingual instruction manual where simple graphics and illustrations are used instead of plain English instructions.

In the end, I simply went to YouTube where I found several videos on setting up the Magnifica EVO, including one that told me what the symbols meant.

Yes, it is important especially if you want the machine to work.

The video instructions show you how to set up the water system and the removable water filter that needs to be adjusted when installing it. On the front of the machine are seven different options for dispensing beverages.

They include MyLatte, Cappuccino Mix, Milk Froth, Espresso, Coffee, Doppio+ and Hot Water. The machine allows you to dispense two cups of coffee via two spouts.

When you start you quickly realize that this machine is more efficient than having to grind coffee beans, wait while you froth milk, which is the norm with many coffee machines sold today, c It’s also much cleaner with the coffee beans hidden from view next to the control panel.

The machine’s neat design eliminates a lot of mess and it has a built-in self-cleaning system that rinses out the pipes after you’ve brewed a cup of your favorite coffee, whether it’s a long black, d a latte or a cappuccino.

The built-in grinder has 13 adjustable grind settings, which De Longhi claims calibrates with 100% accuracy the right amount of beans you need to brew a cup of coffee.De'longhi 1 Automatic Coffee Machine REVIEW: De'longhi Magnifica EVO Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

The brew unit doses and smudges the powder like a professional barista, to ensure the optimum brewing pressure to extract the perfect aromatic coffee, to see if it’s done right, just open the bin under the machine when you have finished making a drink, to see how well the coffee has been ground, you will also see that the portions of each cup of coffee are generous.

I’m a big cappuccino drinker, especially in the morning, and the one thing that immediately impressed me was the adjustable spout that allows for a tall, short glass.

When I wanted a large cappuccino in a tall glass I simply adjusted the pourer to suite and pressed the cappuccino button, when that was done I hit it again to give myself the extra kick coffee and water.

The Magnifico Evo model number ECAM290.83.TB is a one-touch coffee machine with automatic milk frothing, it is also a hot water machine for tea or infusions for flavors such as green or herbal teas .

One of the key parts of this machine is the milk frother.De'longhi 3 Automatic Coffee Machine REVIEW: De'longhi Magnifica EVO Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Built into this machine is an all-new Latte Crema system that blends steam and milk into a textured froth that gives your favorite coffee drink more body.

You can customize the amount of milk you want with a MyLatte function button.

My wife uses goat’s milk and I like whole milk, so all you have to do is pour the right amount of milk into the frother for each drink.

A word of warning, don’t forget to turn the spout of the milk frother over the coffee cup. (I forgot only once).

From dispensing the coffee into the cup, there is a few seconds delay before the machine froths and dispenses the milk.

Once you’re done I suggest you keep a plastic or glass container next to the machine to catch the cleaning water or you’ll have to keep emptying the tray which is designed to catch spilled water.ECAM29083TB Scaled Latte Crema System REVIEW: De'longhi Magnifica EVO Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

See the setup video here:

For $1,399, I think this machine is a bargain.

It looks good, is well-designed, and is narrow compared to a lot of wide-fronted coffee machines.

It is also very practical when it comes to preparing a cup of coffee with the minimum commitment necessary to obtain a good final result, a good cup of coffee with or without milk.

All you have to do is buy your favorite beans to get the best of both worlds.

The weak part is understanding the manual, but that can easily be overcome by going to YouTube and pulling up the English instruction videos.

Rating 9/10

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