DeLonghi Magnifica coffee machine price reduced by £ 55

The DeLonghi Magnifica is a bean coffee machine with a built-in grinder with seven adjustable coarseness levels to help you be your own barista and brew your infusions just the way you like them. If you like frothy coffee, the built-in milk frother allows you to make creamy, dense froth that puts your usual instant coffee to shame.

For £ 349.99, you can currently pick up a DeLonghi Magnifica coffee machine at a discount of £ 55, which brings it down to £ 295. Although £ 295 seems expensive, if your household spends an average of £ 10 per day on coffee, you will have the cost of the machine covered in less than 30 days. And when you put it that way, it sounds a lot more like an investment than an expense.

To buy: Amazon (£ 291.99)

If the professional aesthetic of the machine makes you feel like you can’t figure out how to use it, most reviews say the device is simple to use. One said: “Overall a great machine, no issues with it. The milk is easy to froth, the controls are super easy, the instruction manual takes 10 minutes to read. It took me 10 minutes to setup the selection of water hardness, coffee temperature and auto shut off time.

To buy: Amazon (£ 291.99)

Another reviewer who wanted to test the coffee machine before writing their review had nothing but glowing things to say, “I bought this device 10 months ago. I thought I was going to wait a bit to see how it worked and it excelled!

“There are three adults who are now all addicted to this machine. We made a rough estimate and think he probably served over 800 cups of coffee.

Coffee machines can be notoriously time-consuming and difficult to clean, but the built-in automatic cleaning system that descales, cleans, and rinses the machine makes this chore super easy. The tray and the earthenware container are also dishwasher safe, limiting the amount of elbow grease to put back in place.

You can purchase the DeLonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker while it is still getting this epic discount on Amazon here.

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