Delonghi dolce gusto genio review: does this affordable coffee machine keep its promises?


Buy now £ 59.99,

  • Weight: 2kg
  • Water tank capacity: 0.8l
  • Dimensions: W12.1 x H27.3 x D27.6 cm
  • Cable length: 80cm
  • Colors: White
  • Guarantee: Two years

Design and functionality

Aesthetically, the genio s is sleek and quite fun, with its curved lines and sleek rounded head. The small size means you can choose where to store it, working equally well on a shelf, counter or under a low cupboard, there is no height issue with the top opening as with many machines similar, or any hindrance to access the water tank at the rear of the machine. The genio s is only available in white, which looks sleek and modern, accented by the black interface and cup rest, but other models in the genio range are available in a few other colors.

Genios can create over 40 drinks, from coffee to hot chocolates, teas and cold infusions, with Nescafe dolce gusto branded pods, although of course there are many other varieties available using compatible pods. As one of the “milk machines” one of the genius’ main assets is that it makes all lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, etc. popular – not all pod machines do. While there aren’t any customizable features with the genio s, it does offer an XL option for drinks, which is useful for brewing longer coffees to go.

DeLonghi claims genios can create drinks in under 30 seconds thanks to its 15 bar high pressure pump, which he says perfectly extracts the maximum flavor and aroma from each pod of coffee, delivering luxurious coffee. and rich in cream. As with all pod machines, subsequent cleanup is minimal; all patterns are designed to stay in the pod for a mess-free coffee every time.

It also has a descaling alarm and an automatic shutdown after one minute.


The first use requires a quick clean up, which the illustrated instruction booklet guides you quite simply, then you are good to go. Unlike the other brands we’ve tested, DeLonghi doesn’t include the dolce gusto capsules you need to use your machine in the box, which seems a bit stingy, so grab a few pods before the delivery date. Choose from café au lait (an easy-drinking and well-balanced everyday choice), americano bold morning (sweet, strong and intense) and more, then simply insert the pod into the rounded head of the genio and slide the top off. down to close. You can then choose to customize the size of your coffee by turning the easy-to-read dial and pressing play to brew: it’s simple and not too loud, although we found that we couldn’t insert our travel mug. in the designated cup space, which is definitely not “XL”.

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The coffee itself is perfectly fine for a pod machine: we rather enjoyed the flavor of the americanos which tasted fresh and full-bodied like any manual espresso, although the fun of these machines lies in the experimentation so that you can search for your own favorite coffee.

As for the milk drinks that the machine allows, these are of course built into the pod, so they can’t compete with a freshly frothy cappuccino from your favorite barista, but if you are a latte addict without time or time. interest in steaming your own milk with a separate machine or steam wand, then this machine might be on your street. The milk is well steamed and produces nice, velvety micro-foam bubbles, but the taste is not perfect. We have found that the more forgiving pods such as the caramel latte macchiato do a good job of masking any lack of fresh milk flavor.

The clean design of the machine does not allow for a capsule bin, which is slightly irritating as it means that you have to remove the last coffee pod before brewing your next drink, but provided the capsule has cooled down and you don’t. Don’t have to serve multiple coffees at once, it’s fine and not messy at all, so it seems a fair compromise for the compact size of the machine.

As with most capsules, recycling remains a point of contention. Nescaf̩ dolce gusto pods can only be recycled in partnership with Podback Рyou can find more local details here, although we were surprised and disappointed to find curbside pickups not available in our North London postcode, so be prepared to send yours in for proper recycling. Check other branded capsules for their recyclability.

By registering your machine with club dolce gusto, you will become eligible for offers, samples and discounts, which is well worth it if you decide to buy.


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