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Common Desk is most often considered one of the first coworking brands to open in Texas. Founder and CEO Nick Clark started the company from Deep Ellum in 2012, and has since expanded to serve thousands of people in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and (soon) North Carolina. But what isn’t talked about as often is Common Desk’s brand portfolio, which actually includes wellness, technology, and a growing coffee outlet.

In 2017, Common Desk purchased and rebranded Old East Dallas’ Method Coffee with the intention of “removing the coffee claim”. He wanted to bring java to the masses, providing everyone with the highest quality cup, regardless of their previous level of experience with coffee. Fiction Coffee quickly rose to prominence for its barista training, specialty and third wave coffee standards, and welcoming environment.

Now Common Desk relies on that niche feel; that ‘southern charm for the coffee palace. Fiction Coffee has expanded from its flagship location at Ross and Hall to add outposts at One Victory Park and the recently announced Four Oaks Place in Uptown Houston.

Fiction Coffee claims to have a “big heart for the locals” and aims to be active in the neighborhoods where it is located. [Photo: Theo Bowie]

In case you haven’t already, Fiction Coffee’s all-black exterior is hard to miss on Hall Street (and it juxtaposes nicely with a nearby mural). [Image: Google Maps]

Located at 1400 Post Oak Blvd., Fiction Coffee will now be included as equipment at Four Oaks Place, which is one of the largest and most prestigious office campuses in the Houston area. The Fiction Coffee branch will occupy approximately 700 square feet of space within the 2.3 million square foot office campus.

Project owners Allianz and Nuveen interviewed several coffee operators as part of extensive research before choosing Fiction, according to Common Desk. But even bigger news is that this is Houston’s first Fiction Coffee location that is not connected to a common office space, as the Houston Chronicle Remarks. Nearby, Common Desk will open a location at 3040 Post Oak. boul. and another at 2339 Canal Street this year.

“Visiting Fiction Coffee’s Dallas location in 2019, we immediately realized the lack of true craft coffee options in Uptown Houston,” Transwestern’s Tyler Garrett said in a statement. “We were looking for an operator who could deliver a product of the highest quality that would harmonize well with the high-end design space we had planned for the building’s lobby. “

The Fiction Coffee location at Ross and Hall is small, but comfortable and welcoming. Guests can often be seen in a meeting, at work, or just enjoying a specialty beer. [Photo: Theo Bowie]

[Photo: Theo Bowie]

As the coffee operator of Four Oaks Place, Fiction will brew traditional handcrafted coffee and serve its fictional menu items, which includes concoctions like the juniper berry infused ‘Staghorn Latte’. Common Desk said the brand is expected to arrive in early March, and once open, it will be one of the region’s only craft coffee destinations.

Coinciding with the news, Common Desk announced that it will be implementing its mobile experience app at Four Oaks Place. This will allow office tenants to place orders for Fiction Coffee, book conference rooms and confirm events.

Launched last year, the Ellum app, inspired by Common Desk’s original headquarters in Deep Ellum, before moving its original base to Factory Six03 in the West End last September, uses back-end management technology. robust end to power a variety of docking features. At any Common Desk location or building specification suite, Ellum Tech “IoT Buttons” are placed around the space. After pressing the IoT button, a request can be placed and sent directly to building site personnel, with immediate feedback.

“People are used to having a smartphone app for everything, especially food options,” Dawson Williams, real estate manager at Common Desk, said in a statement. “The Four Oaks team understands how important this is, and we’re excited to join them in putting amenities within easy reach of their tenants through our technology and our Fiction Coffee offerings. “

[Photo: Theo Bowie]

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