Colombian coffee brand Juan Valdez opens in the Netherlands

Juan Valdez announces his entry into the Netherlands, the result of joint work with the Colombian Embassy in Amsterdam and the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers.

The Colombian brand will be present in one of the main supermarket chains in the territory.

“Capitalizing on opportunities to expand our premium 100% Colombian coffee has been a priority for us as a company,” says Sebastián Mejía, international vice president of Juan Valdez’s parent company, Procafecol.

“Strengthening our presence internationally and succeeding in entering the Dutch market hand in hand with important allies such as ProColombia, the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, the Colombian Embassy in Amsterdam and the distributor, allows us to the best part of our country to conquer new palaces.

The company plans to become a benchmark for premium coffee in the country’s market.

“Juan Valdez is one of the most recognized Colombian brands in the world and his arrival in the Netherlands, one of the main buyers of Colombian agri-food products, will help to continue to position Colombia as the world’s leading producer of mild and specialties, which for their origin and superior quality,” says ProColombia president Flavia Santoro.

The European coffee market has grown steadily in recent years, growing by around 17% and accounting for 26% of coffee consumption worldwide.

Moreover, in 2020, coffee consumption per capita in the Netherlands reached 8.3 kilograms.

Juan Valdez says this represented a unique opportunity for the company, which seeks to enter this new market and offer the experience and variety of national coffees.

The Juan Valdez brand is the only internationally recognized coffee brand owned by coffee growers.

For more information, visit the Juan Valdez website.

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