Coffee brand Kiwi Allpress launches capsules in Australia

Coffee brand Kiwi Allpress has created its first capsule espresso, designed, he says, to provide an accessible solution for those looking to enjoy the brand’s coffee at home.

According to the company, the capsule took years of innovation to create and use the same specialty coffee that is used by its cafes around the world.

The capsules were designed by reformulating its Allpress Espresso Blend to highlight the “sweetness of caramel”, increase the depth and grind it “super finely” for a slower extraction. The grounds were then roasted at a high temperature to maximize the solubility of the coffee, recreating the same coffee flavor of its coffee, the brand added.

Allpress chief roaster Zach Dowse says most coffee pods fail to meet customer expectations for flavor. The brand therefore worked to create a product that could.

“It meant going back to basics and thinking about how the Allpress Espresso blend could be adjusted to work best as a pod,” said Dowse.

“We had to think about the roast profile, the blend of origins in the capsule and finally, find the right grind size that allowed the right amount of water contact and gave us the most balance in our cup. ”

Founded in 1989, Allpress claims that the creation of the coffee capsule is one of the brand’s biggest endeavors to date.

The Allpress Espresso specialty coffee capsule is available at its online store, Allpress Roastery cafes, partner cafes, and specialty grocery stores nationwide for RRP of $ 12 for a 10-piece pack and $ 70 for a pack of 60 pieces.

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