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Coca-Cola may soon be stepping on Starbucks’ toes. The iconic soda company has turned to innovation to break down boundaries and open new doors. And unbeknownst to many Americans, he has already come a long way.

In 2019, the soda company acquired British coffee chain Costa Coffee and has since expanded across Europe. More recently, Coca-Cola announced plans to launch these products in the United States by the end of the year.

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The company will focus its efforts on one product in particular: coffee vending machines called “Costa Smart Cafes. “The units deliver stand-alone coffee at “the push of a button,” completely barista-free. website says Smart Cafes are the first coffee machine of its kind in the world and can produce hot and cold drinks, with more than 500 different types, from “iced coffees to frozen fruit syrups”. While it’s unclear where the units will first appear in the United States, vending machines are used in convenience and grocery stores, retail outlets, as well as lodging and recreation areas .

Costa Coffee

Costa has done particularly well during the pandemic, where its self-service model has thrived, according to daily drink.

While Europe has been familiar with Costa since its debut in 1965, the United States is completely new territory. The timing couldn’t be better, however, as coffee consumption in the United States is at its highest level in two decades, according to a survey published by the National Coffee Association (ANC).

The drinks maker has been busy breaking its own rules recently. Last month, Coke released its first celebrity co-collaboration, a new fruity drink with EDM artist, Marshmello. In addition, he has experimented with the creation of mixed cocktails, more recently his Ready-to-drink premixed Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola (RTD) and Simply Spicy Lemonade.

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