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When the morning alarm rings or the 3:00 p.m. crisis rings, we need an immediate pick-me-up, no matter what day of the week or what we’re doing. And when it’s hot we like to have something cold – that’s why we like Chrissy Teigen’s Thai Iced Coffee: an easy iced coffee concoction that only needs a few ingredients – coffee, condensed milk, and flavorings – to come together. (Hey, even when we’re low on energy, we can pull this together!) The model, culinary entrepreneur, and cookbook author shared the iced coffee recipe, inspired by her annual family trips to Thailand, to her Instagram account. Cravings, and it looks delicious.

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“Change up your caffeine routine this weekend with a smooth and creamy take on Thai iced coffee ️ inspired by @chrissyteigen’s summer trips to Thailand,” begins the caption of the recipe article. “The condensed milk makes it creamy, while balancing the bold flavors of the coffee. Add a touch of vanilla for that extra sweetness, and just like that, you have the perfect morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up. Link to the full recipe in the bio.

The Cravings recipe calls for instant coffee or espresso powder mixed with hot water (but we think any strong cold brew will do), as well as sweetened condensed milk, regular milk (Teigen recommends the whole milk) and vanilla extract for added flavor. The creation is easily customizable – add more condensed milk if you’re used to half and half in your morning coffee, and more coffee if you prefer a stronger brew. Prepare the coffee before assembling the drink (if using the instant powder), add the dairy ingredients with ice in a glass, stir the coffee and enjoy! See the full recipe here.

We loved Giada De Laurentiis’ Dalgona coffee, and now we can’t wait to add Chrissy Teigen’s Thai iced coffee to our caffeine repertoire!

Before you go, check out all of Chrissy Teigen’s favorite ingredients.

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