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A trendy creamy and fluffy whipped coffee that’s perfect for coffee lovers! (Photo: Getty)

It’s not just coffee lovers who go gaga over this delicious frothy infusion known as “Dalgona coffee”. The trend started on TikTok and pretty much everyone has tried it ever since. More on the reverse cappuccino lines, maybe this perfect blend you’ve been looking for.

It’s relatively easy and super delicious! Check out the recipe below.

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Café Dalgona – the café that is all the rage on the Internet. DAL-GO-NA – the word actually comes from a South Korean street food snack, which looks like caramel and has a paste very similar to the look and taste of this coffee. This is where it gets its name! I had to do it and see for myself what was making all the buzz! It blew me away. It’s so simple, so delicious and so satisfying! . . Guys, the recipe is so simple. All you need is: Instant coffee – 2 tablespoons (All brands are good! I used Bru instant coffee) Sugar – 2 tablespoons lukewarm water – 2 tablespoons milk and ice. . Procedure: In a bowl, add the coffee, sugar and lukewarm water. Whisk until soft peaks form. You can use a hand blender / stand mixer if you have access to it. I used a regular whisk and it took me 25 minutes to get these soft peaks. In a glass, add the milk, a little ice and complete with this mixed mixture. That’s all. It’s a soft, silky, creamy and delicious coffee! And it’s definitely worth it! ❤️

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  • Instant coffee powder
  • Hot water
  • Cold milk
  • Sugar
  • Ice cubes (optional)


* Start by mixing equal parts of hot water, coffee powder and sugar in a bowl. Take two tablespoons of each ingredient.

* Using a hand mixer (works great if you have an electronic hand mixer!), Beat until the mixture becomes thick, foamy and has a light brown tint. Keep the pace because this is going to be physical activity for your hands!

* Once you are satisfied with the foam and its texture, take a glass and fill half of it with cold milk. Add ice, if necessary.

* Garnish with the whipped coffee mixture. Slowly, with a spoon, mix the layers together and you have a creamy coffee blend that you won’t soon forget.

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