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Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) launched the NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White coffee brand in Kenya.

The company says the decision to offer the new type of coffee was supported by consumer research which found the product to be the most preferred coffee blend recipe, especially because of its creamy sweetness.

The product, which will be packaged in Kenya, will be priced at Ksh.15 per individual sachet, making it the most affordable in its class.

Speaking at the launch, the company’s chief executive, Ng’entu Njeru, revealed that the pricing decision is based on market data indicating increasing coffee consumption among the young urban population, who yearns for a quality coffee within the limit of disposable income.

“Today’s young people are the future. Therefore, smart brands and businesses will be successful by keeping abreast of their needs and meeting their demand for quality products accessible at their income levels, ”Njeru said.

Njeru added that “the latest product was developed as a strategic decision to meet the demands of the emerging category of consumers, commonly referred to as Gen-Z.”

According to Njeru, coffee blends, such as NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White are gaining popularity among young consumers for the convenience they offer, and that it suits the busy lifestyles of young people juggling multiple activities as entrepreneurs. herb, often combined with higher education.

‘Changamkia your potential’ movement for young people

And in line with the company’s Nestlé Needs Youth program, which prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship, including in the food industry, NESCAFÉ 3in1 Creamy White will spearhead an initiative that goes beyond beyond the consumer experience to tap into the ambitions and aspirations of young people.

“As a brand committed to the success of young people, we have a responsibility to get involved in activating their potential to transform their creativity and dynamism into sources of tangible income. To this end, we have launched an initiative called: “Changamkia your potential” which we translate as “Activate your potential”, explained Njeru.

“In this program, NESCAFÉ 3 in1 Creamy White will help young people to prepare and share their ambitions by putting them in contact with business leaders from different spheres who have succeeded in their career path. Plus, we’ll connect them to resources that will allow them to pursue and achieve their business goals.

To kick off the ‘Changamkia Your Potential’ campaign, the brand engaged consumers and young influencers in a high-energy interactive event.

Other initiatives under the company’s sustainability program called “Nestlé Needs Young People” include framework support for entrepreneurship and farming communities. Through the “My Own Business” (MYOBU) project, the company recruits and trains young people to start NESCAFÉ coffee sales businesses in busy market areas.

As part of the NESCAFÉ plan, more than 50,000 local farmers, including more than 8,000 women, have received training in good agricultural practices and financial literacy.

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Ex-pro Russ Downing launches own pop-up coffee brand targeting bike shops – Business Thu, 11 Nov 2021 10:00:12 +0000

Retired professional road cyclist Russ Downing has launched his own brand of coffee, aimed at bicycle shops.

Downing, a former British road racing champion who retired in 2019, has teamed up with tech entrepreneur Tim Hammond to launch Cycle Expresso, a program that encourages bike shops to create their own pop-up café in store.

The new brand comes from Pro Espresso, the distributor of Rocket Espresso machines in the UK, as Downing and Hammond plan to create a network of stores that cyclists can find on the go, using a Cycle Espresso mobile app. .

Downing said: “Everyone knows I love a good cup of coffee, and with my cycling background I am really excited to be a part of this exciting new company to capitalize on the growth of cycling cafes.”

Hammond, owner of Pro Espresso, added: “As the existing UK distributor of the leading brand, Rocket Espresso, we plan to capitalize on its unique identity within the cycling community by inviting cycle shops to have a pop- up Rocket in their store.

“Our mission is to bring more Rocket Espresso machines to bike shops across the UK.”

Cycle Expresso partner stores will be offering a commercial Rocket Espresso machine to serve customers and a consumer Rocket machine demonstration for anyone looking to try a Rocket machine at home.

Downing added: “This is a great opportunity for bike shops as it really puts them on the map to take advantage of the bike cafe boom. It can also bring them new income through the sale of Rocket Espresso machines for the home, as it’s a brand that we know cyclists really love.

Cycle Espresso will soon invite stores to join the network and set up their pop-ups, with participating rides then joining Downing at a “Rocket Ride” social event, alongside other Cycle Espresso ambassadors.

The brand will be open to existing bike shops and cafes as well as new franchise retail stores and mobile outlets, as Cycle Espresso said that there is “significant potential growth in this industry through the advancement. cycling as the sport and hobby of choice for many and the love of better coffee.

Downing is a former GB and Team Sky racer during his 20-year racing career, while Hammond has been investing since establishing his first internet startup in 1996, ultimately selling it for a profit. of $ 18 million.

Read more: Give us your opinion: will you sell electric scooters through your business?

Hammond founded Pro Expresso in 2018 to invest in the UK specialty coffee market.

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Specialty coffee brand Cafetano in Pittsburgh, Honduras opens its first store in the U.S. Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine Tue, 26 Oct 2021 15:58:08 +0000

Outside the new Cafetano coffee and roaster in Pittsburgh. All images are courtesy of Cafetano.

Honduras-based specialty coffee company Cafetano opened its first outlet in the United States last weekend, making a farm-to-cup connection in Pittsburgh.

Cafetano owner Mirko Cuculiza brought the brand to Steel City in partnership with Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur Carl Allison. The two are now co-owners of Cafetano PGH, a technically separate entity from Cafetano, based in Honduras, but operating under the same brand and model.

A major component of this model is the use of high quality Arabica coffees grown on the family farm in Cuculiza in Honduras.

coffee coffee

In Pittsburgh’s Strip District, these coffees are roasted by the vertically integrated brand on a 15-kilogram capacity Joper dressed in the city’s proud black and yellow colors. The roasted beans are sold direct to consumers online, to a growing number of wholesale customers, or they end up in drinks at two separate cafes in the new store – one for take-out and one for customers at the store. interior.

Quamar grinders and Astoria espresso machines are installed on both bars, including an Astoria Tempesta machine on a hexagonal bar covered in white tiles bearing the company logo.

cafetano pourover

The 3,200-square-foot location menu covers the entire range of espresso-based beverages while offering cold brews, hits, batch brews and a variety of manual brew options including AeroPress, French press, siphon, Chemex and Kalita and Verseurs V60.

Mirko Cuculiza spent his childhood at Finca Miravalle, a coffee farm located in the Francisco Morazán department in the central highlands of Honduras, owned and managed by his father, Miroslav Cuculiza, since 1984.

“We sell coffee produced on our farms, but as you may know, the coffee culture is a tight-knit community, so we take coffee from our neighbors,” Mirko Cuculiza told DCN. “Every variety of coffee is cup in Cafetano [Las Minitas location] and maintained to a high standard before being purchased and put into the range.

Cafe Cafetano Pittsburgh 2

Founder and owner of Cafetano, Mirko Cuculiza.

The Pittsburgh location is the brand’s fifth retail opening since the ribbon cutting of its first cafe in the town called 21 de Octubre on the northern outskirts of the capital Tegucigalpa in 2015. As of 2019, Cafetano had four bars serving customers in different cities. around Honduras, although two have closed permanently during the pandemic.

In 2015, Cuculiza also obtained his Specialty Coffee Association barista certification, and later became a Catador Cinco Estrellas (5 Star Cupper) certified by the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE).

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“A grueling two-and-a-half-year program that only achieves 50 degrees; it was a very demanding school, ”said Cuculiza. “Corn [it] produces, as the name of the program suggests, five-star cuppers.

In Pittsburgh, Rosamaria Cuculiza, wife of Mirko Cuculiza, designed the interior of the store to create fun, comfortable and informative experiences. Chandeliers, natural wood surfaces, and comfortable furnishings encourage guests to relax and admire vivid artwork, including a wall-sized mural by Francisco Morazán that incorporates a scarlet macaw and deer of Yucatan Virginia, the national bird and the national mammal of Honduras, respectively.

Caftano rotisserie

“The pandemic is ending, but we are only just beginning,” Cuculiza told DCN. “In Honduras, we are expanding our operations and in Pittsburgh, we have coffee for yinz. “

Cafetano Pittsburgh is now open at 1601 Penn Ave. in Pittsburgh. Tell us about your new coffee or roast here.

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Tips for increasing brand awareness for your coffee brand – Scioto County Daily News Mon, 25 Oct 2021 22:24:07 +0000

Coffee is a reliable partner that many people depend on during the week. Business owners, parents, night workers, everyone can enjoy coffee, whether it’s for the caffeine or the smoky flavor.

If you are thinking of starting your own brand of coffee, you might be wondering how to get the word out about it. Here are some tips to increase awareness of your coffee brand.

Create a recognizable brand

When you create a coffee brand that deserves respect and recognition, infographics and images can capture the attention of future customers. Using high quality images is often helpful in driving traffic to your brand’s website and driving sales.

Of course, using quality images outside of the Internet is also helpful. By using stickers and labels for your branding, you can create a logo or branding that encapsulates the entire message and vibe that you want to convey.

Learn Marketing Methods

If you are trying to reach your target audience, marketing is a great way to educate potential customers about your brand of coffee. Marketing will give them insightful insight into your brand and be a trusted source of information.

You can consider using a blog format to share recipes and brewing methods, and even promote new coffee blends you’ve created. You can also use marketing management tools to develop topics and build connections within the coffee industry.

Increase social media presence

Social media will be beneficial to get your coffee brand noticed more as different platforms will increase your internet presence and boost sales. When it comes to tips on how to increase awareness of your coffee brand, social media can be the driving force behind your online avenues. Integrating social media into your brand allows consumers to stay informed about your latest designs or any special offers on your site. It gives customers different perspectives on your coffee business, making them more familiar with who you are and what your coffee represents.

Many people dream of owning their own business or brand of products, but success takes a lot of motivation and focus. Everyone is waiting for your delicious beer!

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Blue Tokai, the D2C coffee brand, raises funds from Anicut Angel Thu, 21 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Blue Tokai raised INR 17 Cr in the pre-series B bridge round. The funds will be used for product development, agricultural interventions, marketing and international expansion

Blue Tokai is a D2C specialty coffee retailer offering coffee beans sourced from premium coffee plantations in India

The startup’s online channels increased their revenue by more than 50% from pre-crisis levels

Delhi-based online specialty coffee retailer Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters raised INR 17 Cr ($ 2.28 million) in a pre-Series B bridge round led by Anicut Angel Fund (Anicut arm Capital) with the participation of other new and existing investors.

The startup will use the funding to launch new products, execute interventions at farm level to improve quality, expand internationally and for commercialization.

Founded in 2012 by Matt Chitharanjan, Namrata Asthana and Shivam Shahi, Blue Tokai sources Arabica coffee beans from premium Indian plantations, roasts them to order and sells them online direct to consumers and offline to major coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. Across the country.

The company started selling its coffee online and through B2B partnerships, then sought to provide its coffee at its cafes across the NCR of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

“We have been omnichannel from the very beginning of our business. Cafes were an important part of this mission, but like many brands, Covid-19 completely changed the economy of this business. We have already been fortunate to have a strong D2C presence, and by refocusing our efforts on our online sales channels, we have been able to increase our revenues by almost 50% more than our pre-covid peak ”, a declared Chitharanjan.

The Indian coffee market is currently valued at $ 1.46 billion and is expected to reach $ 2.03 billion by 2025, according to a Intelligence from Mordor report.

The Indian coffee market is dominated by traditional players, such as Nestlé, Hindustan Unilever, Tata Coffee and others.

But according to one Report Inc42, India’s online coffee market, which is expected to reach $ 203 million by 2025, is dominated by players like Blue Tokai, SLAY Coffee, Rage, and Sleepy Owl.

To stay ahead of the game, in addition to launching experimental coffee batches, the company is developing ready-to-brew and ready-to-drink products to make it easier for people to experience the variety of flavors that specialty coffee offers.

In addition, the company is also running several projects to enable more small producers to improve their quality and, in turn, to reap the premium for which specialty coffee sells. 6:42 p.m.

Update | October 21, 6:42 p.m.

Updated coffee market size

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Jimmy Butler’s Big Face coffee brand is now live Wed, 06 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Ever since Jimmy Butler sold $ 20 coffees in his hotel room, we’ve been anxious to see what the favorite barista turned NBA superstar would do with Big Face Coffee, his fledgling coffee brand. And on October 1, International Coffee Day, we got a glimpse of what the Big Face brand is all about.

It’s safe to say this is not your traditional coffee business.

On their new website, Big Face promotes itself as a “culturally changing coffee brand simultaneously providing specialty coffee to connoisseurs and presenting the mainstream consumer with top specialty coffee.” If the initial release is any indication, the brand seems to refresh that mission via a mix of streetwear with a touch of NFT, all tied to coffee. In addition to essentials such as t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, which range in price from $ 48 to $ 120, featuring the Big Face logo (reminiscent of the Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex), the brand also has a range of cups and tumblers.

Matching Merchandise (via Big Face Coffee)

From there, things get a bit pricey. Let’s take a look at the rest of the gear from Big Face Coffee’s October launch.

BF Road Kit $ 25,000

big face coffee road kit
Road Kit (via Big Face Coffee)

If you have a few extra Ks (maybe you did well this month on SpeshCoin) you can go for the BF Road Kit, a $ 25,000 suitcase / travel kit that includes a scale, hand grinder. manual, Fellow electric kettle, Chemex, logo mugs, “BF X01 / X02 mixed beans” and various other products and supplies.

Go to the lab $ 100,000

large face coffee lab box
Go Lab (via Big Face Coffee)

If you are more of an espresso fan, then maybe the $ 100,000 Go Lab is for you. The mobile espresso station includes a La Marzocco Linea Mini, Swift Mini grinder, Fellow kettle, Chemex, logo mugs, ‘the four varieties of BF beans’ and products and supplies, all in a travel box with sturdy casters.

Coffee + NFT $ 500 box

nft coffee large face box
Coffee + NFT box (via Big Face Coffee)

For those who are just looking to try coffee, the first version of Big Face is a limited edition box set of four different varieties of coffee. Information on the coffees in the set is limited, but X01 and X02 both appear to be blends (185g of each are provided in the set), and the other two are listed as COE, suggesting that they are This is Cup of Excellence auction lots (both 100g per). According to the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website, Big Face purchased three lots from COE 2021 in Honduras. Limited to a total of 500 units, the limited edition box set includes “Bigface non-fungible artwork” and can be purchased for $ 500.

Stepping out of the door offering mostly very high-end items is certainly a bold strategy, and one that sets Big Face apart as a brand in the specialty coffee space. Tokens are not fungible, that’s what we know, but the future is still impossible to predict. Will it pay off for them? What’s next for Big Face Coffee?

Zac Cadwalader is editor-in-chief of Sprudge Media Network and editor-in-chief based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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NBA star Jimmy Butler launches Bigface coffee brand Fri, 01 Oct 2021 13:13:45 +0000

Jimmy Butler # 22 of the Miami Heat will handle the ball against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 4 of Round 1 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs on May 29, 2021 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla.

Jesse D. Galabrant | National Basketball Association | Getty Images

It started off as a joke, but now American Basketball Association star Jimmy Butler has officially launched the coffee brand.

The 32-year-old Miami Heat star started the business at the 2020 NBA Covid Bubble in Orlando, Florida, selling a cup of coffee for $ 20. After this season, Butler filed a trademark application around Big Face and officially launched launch plans. his coffee company. And on Friday, he announced that he has joined Shopify’s Creators Program to boost the Bigface coffee brand.

In an interview with CNBC, Butler admitted he wasn’t aiming for “the best coffee maker,” but added that he took the business seriously.

“I wake up in the morning and am excited to train and exercise,” Butler said. “Then I want to hurry back home and be able to practice bartending,” he said, referring to brewing coffee drinks. For now, he sells branded products like coffee mugs and NFTs on Shopify. He will sell the beans later.

Make a big face

Butler waited for Bigface to launch on International Coffee Day on Friday, two days after National Coffee Day in the United States.

Butler said he traveled to coffee plantations, including Costa Rica, to study the coffee trade. He said the discussion with the farmer was “special” and that he used Bigface to “tell the story behind the beans and the farmer and his family”. The time, effort and energy invested in coffee.

When the NBA traveled to Orlando to save the season last year, Butler didn’t think the coffee options were good, so he saw the void on a remote Disney campus. Butler used his espresso machine and the Salvadoran coffee beans to sell coffee for $ 20 per person. Cup.

Butler has discovered that the coffee lovers trapped on campus are ready to buy some good coffee. And that allowed him to earn a dominant share of around $ 2,000 per day offered to players. Put optionsIncludes coffee with espresso, “red eyes”, macchiato, cappuccino and latte.

Bigface also won the coffee bean auction at the Cup of Excellence auction last August. El Salvador’s total premium coffee purchases of over £ 1,000 exceeded $ 65,000.

Jimmy butler

Source: Bigface

According to Butler, the bubble business experience is a challenge away from basketball. “He’s just a competitor in me,” he added.

Shopify selects a group of entrepreneurial athletes for its program and does not pay any fees or contributions. Butler will get all the benefits. However, by partnering with NBA athletes, Shopify will be able to integrate well-known personalities into its e-commerce platform and use Butler’s names, images and portraits for promotional purposes.

According to the company’s research and markets, the global coffee sector was valued at over $ 102 billion last year, with a combined annual growth rate estimated at 4.28% by 2026.

Butler, who has won over $ 144 million in the NBA, has been asked what to do by the Big Face. “It doesn’t matter to me. I think basketball was a great source of income for me and my family. He said he only worked to make coffee and talk.

Jimmy butler

Source: Bigface

Red eyes in Miami

The NBA training camp opened this week. Butler’s team are one of the most intriguing teams in the league.

The Heat has had a lively offseason in three years, bringing All Star Kyle Lowry, $ 85 million in signing and trading with the Toronto Raptors. The team also signed with veteran PJ Tucker, who played for NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks last season. Butler then agreed to an expansion in 2025 that would include around $ 52 million in player options.

Asked to compare the 2021-22 heat with the big-face coffee option, Butler chose red eyes. “There’s a bit of everything there,” he says. “You have a coffee and an espresso, you have it all and it will hit you.

“I’m the mug it’s in. I’m going to keep it all together,” Butler added, noting that Raleigh “is steaming.” “You have to have it, otherwise it doesn’t make sense. You don’t want cold red eyes. You want to heat it up.

In the 75th NBA season, which begins October 19, Butler is currently focused on basketball, but he’s already planning his life once the day of play is over. Butler said he was in Miami or San Diego at one of his cafes. And this time he’s not kidding.

“After my basketball career people seem to be ‘man, what does Jimmy do these days’,” Butler said. “I’m in a cafe behind a coffee bar.”

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Nescafé named best coffee brand at the Kenya Beverage Excellence Awards 2021 Wed, 29 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Nescafé became the winner in the coffee category, chosen by Kenyan consumers at the Kenya Beverage Excellence Awards (KBEA) 2021. The award ceremony was recently held at the Movenpick hotel in Nairobi.

The KBEA Awards are designed to recognize, celebrate and reward excellence and innovation in all categories of the beverage industry in Kenya. The awards aim to enhance creativity and excellence in branding and product packaging in order to create a healthy competitive advantage at all levels.

Speaking at the reception of the award, Ng’entu Njeru, Managing Director of Nestlé Kenya, said: “We are graciously honored for the recognition and awarding of the best coffee award to NESCAFÉ, a product much appreciated by Kenyans. . Nescafé is one of our focused brands that is committed not only to delivering the best quality coffee, but also to supporting the farmers and communities that grow our coffee.

In order to support the local coffee industry and increase job creation in the Kenyan coffee sector, Nescafé has expanded its portfolio to include a new product, the Nescafé 3 in 1 Creamy White, which will be made locally.

“We have forged partnerships with farmers and local communities and supported them as part of our Nescafé plan, which we launched in 2011. Through various trainings on good agricultural and processing practices as well as literacy programs financial, we have helped 50,000 farmers establish and sustain their businesses. , improve their livelihoods and, as part of our women’s empowerment initiatives, trained more than 8,000 women farmers, ”Njeru added.

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Iced coffee brand switches to chemically recycled plastic cups Tue, 07 Sep 2021 18:32:09 +0000

Emmi, Switzerland’s largest milk processor, has switched to 30% chemically recycled polypropylene (PP) packaging for its famous brand of ready-to-drink iced coffee Caffè Latte. Austrian company Greiner Packaging injection molds the cups using chemically recycled PP from Borealis, also headquartered in Austria.

The brand owner plans to use at least 100 tonnes of plastic made from recycled material for Caffè Latte packaging each year, starting in September 2021. Chemically recycled PP is food safe, offering comparable purity with petrochemical-based virgin PP.

“It takes joint efforts of food and packaging manufacturers to reduce waste and make measurable progress in the circular economy,” said Bendicht Zaugg, responsible for sustainable packaging at Emmi, in a prepared statement.

Chemical recycling converts plastic waste into raw materials that can be used to create new plastic packaging and other products. Thus, Emmi’s packaging application diverts plastic waste from landfills and incinerators. The company plans to increase the percentage of chemically recycled PP in Caffè Latte packaging in the future, depending on the availability of the material.

“Borealis looks forward to a world without plastic waste,” said Trevor Davis, chief marketing officer, consumer products, Borealis. “The chemically recycled polypropylene used in this new Emmi Caffè Latte mug is made with Borealis Borcycle C… [chemically recycled PP], giving another life to post-consumer polyolefin waste. It offers comprehensive benefits, enabling the transition to a circular polyolefin industry while creating virgin quality plastic products.

The chemically recycled PP in Emmi’s iced coffee cups is International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) certified and, therefore, is tracked using the mass balance approach.

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This coffee brand is proud to support small roasters to bring you the best brew. Thu, 02 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

This sustainable coffee brand supports small roasters to bring you the best ethically sourced brew – here’s how you can get your first bag for FREE

The products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our commercial editors. If you make a purchase using the links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission.

If you’re a coffee fan, you’ll know that the right brew can really transform your morning or mid-afternoon slump, waking you up and tickling your taste buds in all the right ways.

But you don’t have to browse through disappointing brands to find the right one, because Trade Coffee has a unique way of helping you find your perfect blend.

And whatever you choose, you can enjoy it guilt-free because this sustainable coffee company guarantees that it will be eco-friendly and independently produced, so you’ll be supporting small local manufacturers and roasters with every sip.

The sustainable coffee brand Trade supports small roasters in the United States to bring you the best ethically sourced brew.

Whether all you know about coffee is the difference between a cappuccino and a latte, or you can tell the difference between a single Ethiopian origin and a Peruvian origin, there is no need to overthink your choice.

Trade Coffee will connect you with your new favorite hot drink with a fun quiz that collects data on your coffee drinking habits and preferences.

Your responses will go through a human-powered algorithm, then you’ll receive personalized recommendations suggesting your ideal mix, bag size, and frequency of delivery.

Register on the Trade website now and you can even get a free bag the first time you shop, without having to enter a code at checkout.

Satisfied customers are sad that every delivery feels like ‘opening a gift’ and appreciate that it allows them to connect with local roasters that they would not have been able to access before.

The coffee will come from one of 55 local roasters in the United States, including Boston, Colorado, Miami, New York and Austin.

The coffee will come from one of 55 local roasters in the United States, including Boston, Colorado, Miami, New York and Austin.

Each order is timed so you receive it right after it's roasted, whether you subscribe to two bags per month or 12 bags per month

Each order is timed so you receive it right after it’s roasted, whether you subscribe to two bags per month or 12 bags per month

“Nowhere else offers such a variety of coffees and the experience of knowing where the coffee comes from, how to prepare it and how roasters roast their coffee! Trade is 10/10 easy, ”summed up an impressed reviewer.

The coffee will come from one of 55 local roasters in the United States, including Boston, Colorado, Miami, New York and Austin.

Each order is timed so you receive it right after it’s roasted, whether you sign up for two bags per month or 12 bags per month.

You can also choose to purchase a Trade Cafe membership for a friend or family member, which is a gift that you will continue to give each month for as long as you want.

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