Busy Philipps Wellness Routine and Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

In Chill Chat, Bustle sits down with celebs to discuss everything to do with wellness, from their favorite workout to their tips for getting a good night’s sleep. Here, Busy Philipps shares her morning routine, her bulletproof coffee recipe, and what makes a perfect bath.

The name of Busy Philipps’ podcast essentially sums up the actor’s balanced approach to wellness: Busy philipps does his best. The key factor for his general well-being? Take the time to take care of yourself – something she admittedly hasn’t always done.

“For a long time, I operated from a space of ‘When I get to this next place, that’s when I’ll take a moment for myself,'” says Philipps, 42, who recently partnered with Nail polish Oui by Yoplait et Essie for International Personal Care Day. “The pandemic forced me to slow down, which allowed me to recognize what didn’t look right to me and needed attention. “

Now, the former late-night talk show host makes no apologies for taking more time for herself – and is following an important rule of thumb in her wellness practice. “It comes down to being fully present and doing nothing to serve someone else,” she told Bustle over Zoom. For Philipps, self-care means baking bread, doing manicures and drinking celery juice. Most important, however, is regular exercise. “Exercising every day is important for my mental health,” she says. “I can always tell if I haven’t followed my training, otherwise I’m getting a bit sharper.”

Here, Philipps shares her favorite workout class (hint: it’s all about trampolines), why she refuses to choose between baths and showers, and the cool wellness gadget her BFF Michelle Williams gave her during quarantine.

What’s your morning routine?

My schedule fluctuates, but I try to meditate in the morning. It doesn’t always happen, but if it does, I feel really good. I wake up before everyone else in my house just to be a bit alone with myself. I take the dog out, make my own coffee, listen to music, check my emails, then the kids get up.

What’s in your coffee recipe?

I grind my beans, do a spill situation, then basically make bulletproof coffee with ghee, protein powder, and MCT [medium-chain triglycerides] oil. It is a process.

What kind of workout do you like these days?

For years I have been doing this mini trampoline workout called LEKFit. It’s low impact, but you sweat so much. Lauren Kléban, who started it, has a great online program that it started during the pandemic. She also has a great taste for music, so it’s always a lot of fun and full of energy.

When it comes to wellness, is there a trend you’ve always wanted to try?

I feel like I’ve tried them all – I’m not even kidding.

Can you talk about one of the most memorable?

I did this for seven days Ayurvedic cleansing it involves spraying your vagina, colic, pouring oil on your head, and doing vigorous scrubs. This is definitely something that Gwyneth Paltrow has done before.

OK, that really sounds like it’s taking the cake. Are you team baths or team showers?

Why do we have to choose one? I love nighttime baths, but it’s not to cleanse my body – it’s part of my self-care ritual. Showers, for me, are only superficial. They just need to be quick enough to clean you up. That’s it.

What do you need for your perfect bath setup?

I really like Epsom salts and I always have a giant cup of water next to me. I’m listening to music. Sometimes I add crystals if I feel particularly LA at the time. I light a few candles then I turn off the ceiling lights.

After a hectic day, what do you need to get a good night’s sleep?

I’m not a big sleeper, so I use a white noise machine like a baby. My dad bought me one when I was in seventh or eighth grade, and I’ve used it ever since.

Also, during the pandemic, my friend Michelle Williams gave me one of these HealthyLine infrared mats. It is very calming.

Is there a wellness tip that really speaks to you?

When you make anything a hard rule and feel like you’re depriving yourself, it won’t work.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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